Palestinian Teacher Posts Video of Daughter: “I Want To Stab a Jew”: John Kerry Expresses ‘cautious measure of optimism’ [WATCH]

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‘Allah willing, my dear’ is the father’s response to his knife-weilding young daughter saying; “I want to stab a Jew.”

The surreal video was posted on Facebook by a Jordanian-Palestinian teacher, reportedly the child’s father.


The Times of Israel reports the man is a teacher at a refugee camp in Jordan. It was uploaded to Facebook on October 16.

The young girl said she wanted to stab a Jew because they 'stole our land'

Her father asks her why she wants to stab a Jew?

Her father then asks: 'With what do you want to stab them?'

The rest is pretty chilling:
After saying she wants to use a knife, he encourages her with 'Allah willing, my dear'

Hat tip: Daily Mail:

So far, ten Israelis have been killed in stabbing attacks, while 47 Palestinians or Arab citizens of Israel have been killed, including 26 identified by Israel as attackers

In a related piece of surreal information, Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed a ‘cautious measure of optimism’ after a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about proposals to help defuse the deadly wave of recent violence in Israel.

‘I come directly from several hours of conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu and I would characterise that conversation as one that gave me a cautious measure of optimism that there may be some things that may be in the next couple of days put on the table which would have an impact – I hope,’ he said.

Kerry then added: ‘I don’t want to be excessive in stating that, but I am cautiously encouraged.’

Dear Mr. Secretary: “Is that what the kids are calling it?”

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