Obama Wants Women in Front Line Combat Positions. Marine Corps Says, “Fine.”

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That’s right, the Marine Corps has new, gender-neutral requirements for ground combat jobs. That’s what the President wants and the Marine Corps is acknowledging that he IS the Commander-in-Chief so they’ve changed the requirements for 29 ground combat MOS slots.

Before you start blowing off steam, read the rest of the post.

The Marine Corps isn’t the Army or the Air Force. Those services will put in quotas for women in ground combat positions and the AF is even redesigning fighters so that smaller framed women can fly them.


The Marine Corps, on the other hand, tends to take their job a lot more seriously. They really believe in the idea that “When it absolutely positively has to be destroyed overnight, call the United States Marine Corps.” So, in keeping with their tradition, the Marines have changed the requirements to qualify for ground combat positions.

They made them tougher .

Some of the new standards apply to all 29 jobs, while others are more specific. One of the all-encompassing rules is that Marines need to be able to evacuate a casualty and conduct an MK19 grenade launcher lift. In other cases, standards vary by job and include tasks like swimming 2,000 yards or scaling a wall.

The Corps conducted a nine-month survey of gender-integrated combat units that the Secretary of the Navy doesn’t like.

The findings indicated that all-male units outperformed mixed gender units on 69 percent of combat tasks. Female Marines sustained injuries at a much higher rate than male Marines. They were slower, failed to perform as well as males on firearm accuracy tests, and often failed casualty evacuation simulations. Most of the women dropped from the experiment due to injury, and by the end, only two were left standing.

There was talk that the Marines would request an exemption from the new rules allowing – forcing – women into combat units. With their new standards, no exemption will be necessary. Capt. Mark Lenzi, a weapons company commanding officer noted:

“If you’re [5 feet, 6 inches tall] and 120 pounds, you have virtually no chance of doing this job, whatsoever.”

That just means no short, skinny guys.


And good night Chesty, wherever you are …

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