Not many GOP’ers have the courage to stand up to liberals this way…

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The IRS scandal broke 889 days ago. Lois Lerner responded to a question she planted at a conference and in a very off-hand way she told the world some “rogue agents in Cincinnati” mistakenly went after groups requesting tax exempt status that were affiliated with the Tea Party. She and her bosses at the Obama IRS certainly assumed that admission along with some follow up would make “the problem” go away.

She was wrong. Sort of.

The administration has managed to stonewall Congress and the national media – who didn’t care about the IRS going after the Tea Party, it saved them the trouble. No one has been held accountable for the overt lawlessness at the IRS, and I seriously doubt anyone ever will. We’re just going to “move on.”

Jim Jordan, a Republican member of the House Oversight Committee, isn’t willing to completely give up.

This Congress will impeach Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, Rep. Jim Jordan, a member of the House Oversight Committee, told a group of students from the Young America’s Foundation Saturday.

As a refresher, here’s Rep. Kevin Brady going after Koskinen in a committee hearing.

“Why should anyone believe you?” is a question rightly addressed to Koskinen, but it’s also rightly addressed to every member of the Obama administration including Mr. “You Can Keep Your Doctor” himself.

The legacy of the Obamas will be eight years of lies and deceit enabled by a willing media.

The House is going to pursue impeachment because there needs to be consequences for the egregious behavior of the IRS and “we think it’s critical to preserving fundamental freedom, fundamental rights,” said Jordan.

Koskinen has repeatedly lied to the House committee about everything involved in the IRS scandal. He said he issued an order to preserve the emails from Lois Lerner related to the issue.

… in March 2014 the IRS destroyed 422 backup tapes containing as many as 24,000 emails, the Treasury Department inspector general found.

Many of the emails the IRS destroyed probably “belonged to Lois Lerner,” said Jordan, even though Koskinen repeatedly told the House Committee that he would provide all the records.

What Koskinen promised “was a complete lie,” said Jordan. “Because you can’t give us all the information if you’ve done estroyed 24,000 emails.”

Jordan and the Oversight Committee are going to call for Koskinen’s removal from office. Certainly nothing will happen on the floor of the House until we have a new Speaker. Then we’ll see if the impeachment can be brought to a vote.


While it would be nice to see that smirk wiped off Koskinen’s face, the bigger issue will be what happens in the Senate. There are 55 Republicans in the Senate and I’m not sure that the Senate Majority “Leader” can even keep all of those in line. Then there’s the matter of the Senate Democrats, 12 of them would need to vote for the IRS Director’s impeachment to remove him. I don’t see that happening.

This is a high risk move by Jordan and the Oversight Committee. If the impeachment fails Democrats will point to it and say, “See, there was never anything there. It’s past time to move on.” And they’ll likely float some kind of resolution demanding an apology from the Republicans.

Oh, and if a Democrat is elected in 2016 you should expect to see Koskinen and Lerner receiving the Medal of Freedom.

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