No Longer Good to be King. Transgender Elected Homecoming Queen in New Jersey

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It used to be good to be the King. Mel Brooks knows that.

Unfortunately a lot has changed since 1981 when Mel made that. Ronald Reagan isn’t President, the nation hasn’t slain a liberal dragon in decades, we’re too kind and gentle for that now. (Just in case you need another reason to reject Jeb!)

And apparently in New Jersey it’s not even good to be the homecoming king anymore. In fact, it’s not even good to elect a homecoming queen who is pretty. Or talented. Or popular.

Case in point …


The dude in the orange “Tornado Football” shirt and jeans is Trenton Central High School Vice Principal Dana Williamson. Given the look on his face I’m guessing he’s wishing he could punch the photographer and destroy the picture.

The fat, ugly, thing on the right with the bad hair-do is Homecoming Queen Jae Irizarry. Yep. Homecoming Queen. And not only is Irizarry not beautiful, Irizarry isn’t a girl either. He just thinks he is.

Jae Irizarry was a late entry in the balloting for Homecoming Queen at Trenton Central High School.

Irizarry was reluctant because she was born a male [he is a boy] and has been identifying as a female for about a year. But encouraging friends and teachers convinced the 17-year-old senior to enter.

She ended up winning and was crowned Homecoming Queen Saturday at the Trenton Central High School’s football game.

Jae has struck a powerful blow for “girls” who are fat, ugly, have bad hair, dress poorly, and are terminally more confused than your average 17-year-old girl.

“I wanted to make a difference, to show not only the city and world that it’s 2015 and things are changing and progressing,” Irizarry said Monday. “I am so happy that I won, it’s been amazing.”

She credited her supportive school community.

“They’re making my dreams come true,” she said

This boy lives in a community of enablers. Starting with the people who pass for “educators” these days.

Principal Hope Grant said it’s now time for the schools and community to encourage and support Irizarry, and others like her.

“Here you have a young person walking in their authentic self, every single day,” Grant said. “We need to accept people, in whatever form or fashion they come in.”

There’s a rumor that the balloting was rigged, but I seriously doubt that. It’s high school and high school kids love to put one over on unsuspecting, stupid, adults. Especially those unsuspecting, stupid, adults who think they’re in charge of things.

Ms. Grant, you got had. In fact, we’re watching a whole nation get had by the the Gay Mafia.

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