Muslims Want Sharia Law Enforced in America. 16 States Have Said “Hell NO!”

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Sharia Law is Islamic religious law. There is no codified book that is Sharia Law, it’s whatever the local Mullahs say it is.


Muslims want Sharia Law enforced in the US. Sharia is what gives Muslim countries the ability to not allow women to drive a car, to force women to be covered from head to foot, and to stone women for adultery while giving the man involved with her the first rock to throw. Sharia Law also has a little issue with gay rights.


That was a celebration of gay rights in Iran. You’ll recall Iran is our newest friend in the Middle East.

Sharia Law is also used as justification for “honor killings” where family members murder girls who have “dishonored” the family. A murdering father right here in Phoenix made that plea in a recent murder trial. Here in Arizona in didn’t get far, he was convicted.

Groups like CAIR, a terrorist funding organization that passes itself off as a “Muslim Civil Rights Organization,” is pushing hard for US jurisdictions to adopt Sharia Law and they’ve begun to have some success.

Seattle’s Democrat Mayor Ed Murray was so concerned that Muslims and other residents weren’t buying enough homes in his city that he had a committee investigate how that could be rectified.

One of the committee’s recommendations: Banks need to offer “Shariah-compliant” mortgage loans for Seattle’s growing Muslim community.

The mayor is a Democrat. They’re working at all levels to eliminate the Constitution.

Some states are striking back and standing up for American values and American law. Alabama recently passed an amendment to their Constitution to ban Sharia Law.


The fifteen other states who have legislation to ban Sharia Law include:

Florida (two bills)
Indiana (two bills)
Mississippi (four bills)
Missouri (two bills)
North Carolina
Oklahoma (seven bills)
South Carolina (two bills)
Texas (six bills)
West Virginia
Wyoming (two bills)

That’s a good start.

On this particular issue I’d like to see Presidential candidates from both parties asked if they support allowing enforcement of Sharia Law in the US. When the Democrats start waffling on the subject ask them if they believe, like their mainstream Muslim allies do, if women should be banned from driving a car and all the participants in a now legal gay “marriage” should be hung after the wedding. On a positive note, it would save a ton of money on the reception.

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