Muslim Man Decided to Leave a DISTURBING “Wedding Gift” on His Ex’s Doorstep

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Liberal hacks in the mainstream media continue to bombard us with what amounts to loads of horse manure by constantly pandering to Muslims, carrying the “religion of peace” narrative to new heights of insanity each and every day.

It has become apparent throughout history the religion of Islam is the exact opposite of peace, demanding Muslims who practice their faith to engage in Jihad and either force the world to convert or subdue it and enslave people everywhere as second class citizens.

If you don’t think this religious worldview is responsible for producing evil, perhaps this little number about what this Muslim man, unhappy with his ex-girlfriend marrying another guy, left her for a “wedding present” will change your mind.

wedding bomb

The psychopath apparently dropped off a bomb on her doorstep.

Here are the details.

From Hurriyet Daily News:

A man has been arrested in Turkey’s Aegean town of Aydın for placing a bomb at his ex-girlfriend’s front door as a “wedding gift.”

Reports stated that the woman in the Çine district of Aydın married the man, identified only as Mustafa K., shortly after breaking up with her former boyfriend, identified as Baki A.

Upon receiving news of the woman’s marriage, the suspect enlisted one of his friends, identified as Ersun B., to help him build a home-made bomb to be detonated in front of the woman’s home.

The two men charged 10 short tubes with explosives and attached the tubes to a bottled gas, before placing the explosive at the front door of the house where the woman lives with her husband.

The explosive was noticed by her husband, who informed the district police department. Police teams then removed the bomb, in the process finding a note that read: “My wedding gift to my love.”

The bomb squad disposed the bomb at vacant land in the nearby Kavşit neighborhood.

Baki A. and Ersun B. have been detained by police, with the former reportedly confessing to building the explosive during his interrogation at the police anti-terror branch.

Baki A. has been formally arrested by the court, while Ersun B. has been released pending trial.

Nothing says “I love you,” like blowing the object of your heart’s desire to smithereens, right?

Hey, according to radical Jihadi thinking, that’s like the highest sort of compliment.

Islamic culture is so twisted up and backwards in the Middle East, this sort of thing has been accepted as a normal part of every day life.

Women are slaughtered by the masses in Islamic countries. In the first eight months of this year, nearly 182 women were murdered. That’s an insanely high number!

Islamic doctrine as taught in the Quran allows men to treat women as second class citizens, sanctioning rape and all sorts of other vile practices.

Those who ignore the command for Jihad and aren’t attempting to force the world to convert, pay an oppressive tax while obeying Sharia law, or chopping the heads off resisters probably aren’t really Islamic.

Unfortunately, with this religion spreading so quickly around the world, it will soon be the norm to hear stories like this rolling out of Europe, and if we don’t do something to stop the rise of radical Islam here, it isn’t too far fetched to imagine seeing this nonsense unfolding on our own soil.

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