Megyn Kelly Uncovers ‘Disturbing New Twist’ About ‘Clock Boy’s’ Father

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First we had ‘clock boy’, then we had the news that ‘clock boy’s’ sister was expelled from the same school, and then we had the news on the real reason ‘clock boy’ was drummed up…..for publicity for his Dad. Now it seems there even more interesting news on the ‘clock boy’s’ dad.


From Western Journalism:

Ahmed Mohammed’s clock project catapulted the issues of school security to national attention of the President of the United States, the media, and the world. When Ahmed built his clock, that some said looked more like a suitcase bomb than a clock, he may have had no idea the school project would bring him the attention that he immediately received.

His family decried the incident and called the situation a case of stereotyping, discrimination, and religious persecution. The family hired a lawyer and may be planning a lawsuit against the school district. President Obama has invited Ahmed to the White House on Oct. 19th, in a move that some criticized as inappropriate and misplaced.

The mayor of New York City even invited Ahmed to NY and named a day in his honor. But what some have called a misunderstanding and a rush to judgement, others are calling a stupid move on Ahmed’s part.

Megyn Kelly of Fox News reported that Ahmed’s father has a history that needs to be examined in light of his son’s actions. In what was called a “disturbing new twist,” reporter Trace Gallagher detailed that Ahmed’s father, Elhassan Mohamed, appears to be maintaining two very different Facebook pages.

Kind of interesting that the same person who has run for President of Sudan on multiple occasions, publishes information alleging a 9/11 conspiracy theory, and this same man and his ‘clock boy’ son get an invitation to the White House, don’t you think?

Still holding out for Obama to invite Kate Steinle’s parents to the White House aren’t you? Or how about  the three heroes in France – Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, and Anthony Sadler? Or maybe Oregon hero, Army vet Chris Mintz? ……better not hold your breath to long.


Written by Nancy Hayes

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