Why is Most Of The Media Keeping This From Us?

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This is SO COOL! So why is the MSM keeping it from us?


(Spirited Debate: Dr. Norman Geisler and Philip Williams on possible new clues in their investigation.)

Dr. Norman Geisler is the Southern Evangelical Seminary Co-founder. Southern Evangelical Seminary is a leader in apologetics education—teaching students to defend their faith and talk intelligently, passionately and rationally about what they believe and why they believe it. Many courses focus on societal issues from a Christian worldview, delve into scientific apologetics or contemplate creation research.

Philip Williams is an American engineer and former telecommunications entrepreneur who had investigated the charges of hoax made against the discovery. Williams was one of the first Americans to view the structure.


More than five years ago, a Hong Kong-based team from Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) made headlines with the announcement of a discovery of an ancient wooden structure thought to be the ark of biblical times.

The discoverer who led NAMI to the site at Mount Ararat in Turkey was part of a special event coordinated by Southern Evangelical Seminary on Oct. 15, when new and exciting information about the discovery of the structure was presented by a panel of eyewitness explorers and experts.

The Turkish expert who first made the discovery, Ahmet Ertugrul, better known to the world as Parasut, was featured at the event to answer questions about his headline-making find. Joining him was Philip Williams. After studying the topic for 20 years, Williams presented photographs, testimony and videos from a trip made to the mountain in the past year.

Mount Ararat, specifically mentioned in the biblical account of the ark, is located in eastern Turkey and is called “The Painful Mountain,” lying at the center of a centuries old, geo-politically unstable hot spot. The risky and rough terrain is the tallest mountain in the region.

Some scholars and researchers believe the structure found at that mountain could be Noah’s Ark—a faith-driven building project that allowed God to save a cross-section of humanity and start over through Noah and his family.

In April 2010, NAMI released details of its exploration of the remains of a massive wooden structure buried beneath volcanic rock and ice on Mount Ararat. The remains were found at 4,000 meters above sea level, and researchers say the wood dates back about 4,800 years.

Since then, many have tried to both prove and disprove that the remains are indeed Noah’s Ark. The event last week featured several expert presenters, who gave reasons for and against the probability that these might indeed be remains from the ark.

Williams serves as director of the New Beginnings Foundation, a small inner-city mission in Charlotte, N.C., aimed at ecumenical cooperation with other ministries. He continues to use his system expertise to assist developing nations in the creation of infrastructure for impoverished rural communities.

Ertugrul was born near Mount Ararat and grew up acquainting visitors with local culture. He has hosted visitors from every nation, speaks fluent Turkish, Kurdish, English and Farsi. Generations of Parasut’s ancestors lived in a village on Mount Ararat, and from childhood, he heard stories of visits to an ancient ship visible at certain times on the mountain.


“At a minimum, there is enough evidence already to call for more scientific research to find out whether or not it is Noah’s Ark,” said SES co-founder Dr. Norman Geisler, who will make introductions at Thursday’s event. “If it is Noah’s Ark, it will be the greatest discovery in the history of archaeology! Applying the smell test, if it smells like Noah’s Ark, looks like Noah’s Ark, has the dimensions of Noah’s Ark, is as old as Noah’s Ark, and landed where Noah’s Ark did, etc., then it is probably Noah’s Ark.”

Yes. I truly believe the scientific evidence will support this structure as Noah’s Ark. But WHY would the MSM hide this from the public? If this administration is trying to destroy Christianity, THIS is the last thing they want the public to know about. Obama is about creating a DIVIDED United States – dividing races, ethnics, religions, cultures. This administration is about encouraging a culture of ridicule for morality and principles, undermining our country’s financial stability, weakening our military, and encouraging acts of terrorism, as well as, flooding our system with illegal immigrants, and destroying Christianity. This is Alinsky’s “Rules of Radicals” at it’s finest moments. This is about power and control. Control the media and you control the message. We all know the MSM colludes with Obama and his administration. We also know what happens when you don’t. Just ask Sharyl Attkisson.




Written by Nancy Hayes

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