Latest Presidential Poll – Showing A Shakeup in the Race!

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The latest Presidential Poll released by Fox News today shows a shake up in the Republican Race. Dr. Ben Carson has pulled to within 1% of Donald Trump, while Sen. Ted Cruz has moved past Sen. Rubio and Jeb!Bush and moved up to 3rd place.

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Carly Fiorina has lost half of the support that she had following the last Republican debate. She is now a lower tiered candidate, tied with Mike Huckabee at 5%.

The poll was conducted between October 10-12th and has a margin of error of +/- 3% overall, and +/-5% for the subgroup of Republicans. The results are since the last poll conducted in September. Since that poll, Trump is down 2% from 26 % to 24%, Carson is up 5% from 18% to 23%, Ted Cruz is up 2% from 8% to 10%, Rubio stayed the same 9%, Bush is up 1% from 7% to 8%, Fiorina dropped 4% from 9% to 5%, Huckabee was up 2% from 3% to 5%, Paul was up 1% from 2% to 3%, Christie dropped 4% from 5% to 1%, and Kasich dropped 3% from 4% to 1%. The others finished with 1% or less.

Winners: Carson up 5%, followed by Cruz and Huckabee up 2%

Losers: Fiorina and Christie down 4%, followed by Kasich down 3%

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If present trends continue, by the time the next Fox News Presidential Poll is taken, we may very well have a new leader! 


Written by Nancy Hayes

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