Kim Kardashian May Give Birth to Kanye’s Child Christmas Day… The End of Days?

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Well, this ought to be interesting…. and timely, right? I’m going to predict Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will want to have the BIG headlines and put on a HUGE publicity stunt in their favor on Christmas, especially after naming their first child North.


In a story on TMZ:

Kim Kardashian’s due date is December 25, 2015 … seriously.

And even if it weren’t it IS NOW!

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, doctors have back timed the date of conception and they’ve been told their son will be born on Xmas day.

Obviously, the due date is always a little up in the air, but Xmas is the likely date, and here’s why. We’re told Kim has a condition where the placenta grows too deeply into the uterus, which could be dangerous.

We’re told as of now, doctors are planning on a natural birth on Xmas day, but a c-section might be necessary that day for safety reasons, if she doesn’t give birth beforehand.

And, we’re told, Kim and Kanye have already booked a Deluxe Maternity Suite at Cedars-Sinai in L.A.

I can just see it now…..the show must go on! It will be a Kardashian delivery by c-section on Christmas, anything shy of that, just wouldn’t do. I mean come on after naming their first child North West, what do you expect? This baby will be delivered on Christmas whether it’s ready or not! It will most likely be a reality show – played up. Who knows they could name this one the Messiah From The, or The 2nd Coming, or ? 

I mean afterall, Kim dropped the news she was pregnant to Kanye on, of all day’s, Father’s Day – like that was not HYPED! She also made the announcement in a ‘teaser’ for an episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. You know, where she was taped going to see her doctor and then being told that she was pregnant, as IF that were the first time she heard the news (wink! wink!). Don’t worry most of those people who watch her reality show, KUWTK, probably believe the entire show is SO REAL! After all aren’t ALL reality shows REAL?! 


I know you will ALL be relieved to hear the baby’s new name will NOT be South West, as Kim just finds that name to be so stupid! REALLY? Seriously, but North West was OK? Who knew?

However, Kim does like the name Easton. Yes, that’s right! Easton West.

But seriously, it will probably be Yeezus’ son born on Jesus’ birthday!

and….don’t forget, both babies will be toddlers by the time 2020 rolls around and Kanye runs for President. Oh the joy! A reality show in the WH! Can’t wait! How about you!? 

Allegedly, Kanya was holding his mom’s hand at Operation PUSH and said, “there’ll be a point where I become my mother’s child.”

Oh Swell! Really? I don’t know about you but, the only time I want to hear “PUSH” is on the delivery day of Kanye’s second child! Best wishes!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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