Kevin McCarthy: Perfect Leader for the Stupid Party

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Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader, is destined to become John Boehner’s replacement as Speaker of the House. If there’s a dumber Republican Congress Critter I can’t imagine who it could be.

Case in point, here’s McCarthy making his point that he’ll be a focused, conservative, Speaker. Unlike the outgoing Boehner.

Where to begin ?

The Republicans put together the Benghazi Committee to take down Hillary Clinton? The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is alive and well in the House! And here I – a charter member of the VRWC who hates everything about Hillary – thought it was to get the truth about what happened in Benghazi. I thought it was more about proving that the Obama administration, starting at the top, sold out our Ambassador and those trying to defend him.

Silly me.

Think the Democrats are having a field day with that little bit of awesome stupidity? You’d be right.

McCarthy tried to talk his way out of the hole he dug and he forgot the First Rule of Holes: Stop Digging.

Even if what McCarthy said was 100% true, all it does is prove that he’s dumb as a rock, a small rock. A box of rocks is at least a dozen IQ points smarter than McCarthy.

Benghazi had …

… to do with Hillary’s numbers tanking. Any “Benghazi effect” was long over when her numbers started to tank. And continue to tank. They’re tanking because:

  1. Not even the Hillary loving media can avoid the obvious fact that she’s lying through her botoxed lips about her email.
  2. She is the worst campaigner since Mike Dukakis. And she’s a LOT worse than he was.
  3. The Obamas hate Hillary (and Bill) even more than I do and they’re feeding her to the sharks.
  4. Did I mention she’s been lying about her emails? To the point where nothing she says is anything but laughable.

Did you notice “Benghazi” on that list? I didn’t think so. And the email travails, while Benghazi is certainly a point of argument, have nothing really to do with Benghazi. Her email problem is the obvious and repeated lies followed by “time to move on…”

Note to the Republican House caucus. If you can’t find anybody other than McCarthy in the caucus, an important point of the House Rules is that the Speaker doesn’t have to be a Member of the House! You can elect anybody.

I’m offering up …


That’s right, the dead drunk white cat. He’s smarter than McCarthy, isn’t having an affair with Cathy McMorris Rogers or anybody else, and is probably sober more than most of you House Members.

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