Jennifer Aniston’s Ultimate Nightmare: Having to Fly Coach

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Jennifer Aniston apparently doesn’t like flying coach. And why should she have to? Back there with the riff-raff.

What’s she doing on a commerical airliner in the first place? No way! … O00000h, she’s getting paid to pretend she doesn’t fly in a private jet drinking designer bottled water..

In a new commercial for Dubai-based Emirates Airlines, Aniston walks the aisle of what looks very much like a U.S. airliner, looking for the shower and the bar.


She’s stunned to discover the plane has neither, as she stands in horror in her bathrobe while the flight attendants laugh at her.

I’m not sure if this falls under the “Jennifer Aniston hits hard times” category or what.

Question for ‘ya Jen – they don’t let women drive in those countries, so how ‘ya getting to the airport in the first place?

… oh yeah, limo. Never mind. And never mind the way woman are treated like cattle over there – as long as their check clears and god.. I mean Alah knows you need the dough..

ImageShe was #77 on 2014’s Forbes list of silly-rich people, down about 20 notches or so from 2013. So to pick up the slack in her checkbook she’s doing this?

She’s reportedly getting paid $5 million to do a series of film and print commercials for Emerates Airlines. They fly out of the United Arab Emerates and they cater to people who can afford their own airplane but for whatever reason are flying “commercial.” With showers and a bar in the plane.

I used to fly a lot. I don’t recall ever seeing anybody like this on any of my flights.


The commercial above centers around Jennifer’s bad dream on a commerical flight. And speaking of dreams, I would guess Jennifer is probably the subject of some dreams herself.


Although, I’m guessing they wouldn’t be of the “bad dream” variety.


bye Jen!

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