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WHATEVER ones personal views on Israel, know this: Militant jihad has both the ‘Saturday people’ and the ‘Sunday people’ in their cross hairs. Never mind the Orwellian nonsense Arabs/Muslims are wont to claim: Yes, Jesus was a Palestinian! Sheesh….

IN any case, even if for self preservation, Americans would do well to support Israel in its struggle against militant jihad. Why? Its bloody streets are surely in America’s future, if not beaten back in the Mid East!

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


MOST are well aware of the latest round of militant jihad waged against Israel’s Jews by an increasingly Islamist-inspired Arab Israeli population. Indeed, this is a FULL BLOWN 3rd intifada. Incontestably, they are operating in league with their ‘Palestinian’ brothers and sisters. Yes, there is much onus to go around, and Israel’s lame-ass political leaders are hardly blameless, that’s for sure. 

SIGNIFICANTLY, this investigative journalist has repeatedly warned fellow Israeli Zionists of this moment in time, whereby the fifth column would OPENLY (instead of via underground support, their heretofore main modus operandi) execute jihad. This clarion call was emphasized in one global interview after another…one commentary after another. Demonstrably, the intent was to highlight the government’s abject failure to decisively deal with Israel’s internal fifth column, relative to their increasingly self-identification with Islamic jihad and concomitant mandates to kill Jews. 

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”…one of many….

TRENCHANTLY, the following was made crystal clear in a Sept. 2014 ‘tag-team’ interview with Dave Gaubatz, arguably one of the west’s top counter-terrorism experts: 

Moreover, as an investigative journalist and blogger, my pulse on the situation/mood (coined in Hebrew, the “matzav”) among the majority Zionist public is gleaned from much more than open-source material…..

Significantly, I am able to access some professionals who are just a notch below the actual decision-making level and their rage is duly palpable. It is these intimate “off the record” conversations (through face-to-face meetings, among other avenues) which are particularly scary and worth noting. They are well aware of the acute dangers facing Israel, most of which became greatly exacerbated through too many smoke and mirrors shows (most recently, under PM Netanyahu’s two-term tenure), and “Operation Protective Edge” was more than emblematic of this unflattering descriptor. Besides, it is the most accurate and honest way to define the “operation.”

In other words, without naming names, the following points (via a multiplicity of meetings) became duly resonant:

As highly sought after experts operating mainly (but not exclusively) in areas of strategic affairs and counter-terrorism, they understand (from grounded experience) what it means for Israel not to win a decisive victory over Hamas, or for that matter over any regional foe. Inherently, we discussed both the strategic knock-on effects (to be explored below), as well as the psychological components of PM Netanyahu’s decision not to bring Hamas to its knees, effectively making them wave the white flag of surrender.

Not inconsequential, they pointed to a particular internal danger which has been (purposefully) overlooked, but given a tail-wind due to PM Netanyahu’s failure to deliver a full-on, top-down, knockout blow to Hamas. Intrinsically, a growing segment of the Arab minority population has already chosen sides; they are rooting for Hamas’s victory over Israel. Without guile, they identify themselves as “Palestinians” and not as Israelis, even though they completely benefit from all of Israel’s largess. Ingrates. Traitors….continue reading

(Teacher’s FB page inciting to murder Jews, a UNRWA paid agitator within Abbas’s terror enclave!)

ALAS, if an investigative journalist (albeit, steeped in the ins and outs of the Brotherhood Mafia and Mid East politics) was able to ‘predict’ said outcome, how could it be that Israel’s leaders were caught unawares? They weren’t.

AS always, the core issue revolves around a calculated appeasement of the Arab minority, regardless of their associative terror. In fact, they have YET (though they keep babbling about doing so) to outlaw the Islamic Movement in northern Israel, one of the main – in league with Abbas’s PA junta – incubators/agitators of domestic terror against Jews. Why is PM Netanyahu dragging his heels? You decide.   

NOT only that, time and again, Arab Israeli members of the Knesset (Parliament) incite from the legislative chamber; rally alongside Israel’s enemies; and social message Israel’s Arabs (and attendant jihadists) to continue the intifada! Nevertheless, nothing is done to arrest them for incitement to murder. The bloody results are manifestly clear and predictable. 

After a 13-year old Israeli boy was stabbed outside his home.

(Rescue worker wiping off Jewish blood in the street…)

MORE specifically, the following was noted last week – and it bears hammering – due to the continuous flow of Jewish blood in the streets: 

PM Netanyahu is being asked in an interview: How do you want your premiership/leadership to be remembered? He intones: As the watcher, faithful, to Israel’s security!

(UPDATE: Only a day after this analysis was posted, the Third Intifada spread to other parts of the country, as stated that it would in the opening paragraph….read on…As such, ‘Anti-Israel Rioting In Jaffa: Backlash From Netanyahu and Ya’alon’s Ineffective Anti-Terror Tactics‘)

TRUTH dare be told, JEWISH self-abasement ties DIRECTLY into domestic Military Jihad igniting within Israel. In particular, Jerusalem, its capital, as well as Judea and Samaria, Israel’s heartland, are on fire. They are Israel’s Arabs main targets – for now. No doubt, the rest of the country will feel its knock-on effects. Yes, the Third Intifada is exploding!

NOW, being on the ground in Israel – and in touch with certain folks whose boots are operating inside and outside officialdom, most recently, through a lengthy conference call re said situation….aka the ‘matzav’…מַצָּב – it has been confirmed that the following analysis is spot on. Yet, none (for various reasons) would go on the record attesting to the same. Regardless, the unspoken word was: Get the truth out!


YET, before we proceed, the following private message is decidedly noteworthy, even though this Israeli – a highly respected and veteran defense-related journalist – was not part of the aforementioned conference call. Nevertheless, this is what he said, regarding Israel’s leadership, in relation to the stepped up Military Jihad from the domestic fifth column:

ביבי ממשיך לחלק ראיונות בארהב…מאופר ומסורק…וכאן רוצחים יהודים…זה יופי של סידור עבודה…..האמת היא שגם שהוא כאן הוא לא מביא הרבה תועלת….למעשה אפס תועלת…אז תשאר שם עוד שבועיים …אולי בלעדיך מישהו יזיז את התחת ויטפל בטרור …מעולם לא היתה בישראל ממשלה של אימפוטנטים כאלה……מאיפה אספו אותם

FOR those who require a translation from the Hebrew message:

While Bibi continues to divide himself between boastful (US) interviews, here (in Israel) they are murdering Jews….a great working arrangement (for the enemy)…the truth is that even if he was in Israel it would hardly result in any benefit…actually, zero benefit,…so, let him stay there (in the US) another 2 weeks…perhaps, without him here someone will move their ass and deal with the terror….never has there been such an impotent government such as this….from where do we find such leaders???…continue reading….

AS expected, knock-on effects from the leadership’s failure to immediately (and resolutely) take TANGIBLE corrective action – other than through blow hard rhetoric…blah, blah, blah – precipitated today’s ratcheted up militant jihad. Thus, ‘Palestinian’ knives came out in Jerusalem and all over Israel, catapulting upon multiple terror attacks . Is this not a ‘natural’ outgrowth of the above failure of leadership?

Two people have been killed and as many as 17 others injured – some of themseriously – in two near-simultaneous terrorist attacks in Jerusalem.

In the first incident, a 60-year-old man was killed and 15 others wounded, eight seriously, in a shooting attack on a Number 78 bus traveling along Gallows Street in Armon Hanatziv.

Magen David Adom and United Hatzalah paramedics at the scene described chaos and multiple severe casualties.

The attack involved two terrorists, one of whom was shot dead by police. The second terrorist was shot and wounded, and has been taken into custody.

Minutes after, a car and knife attack took place on Malchei Yisrael street.

The terrorist in that attack reportedly plowed his car into a bus stop and then emerged brandishing a knife, stabbing several passersby.

One person was killed in that attack, and another person was wounded. Paramedics treated the injured victim at the scene before transporting him to hospital in light condition.

The terrorist was reportedly injured and is in police custody.

He has been identified as Jerusalem resident and Bezeq telephone company employee Alaa Abu Jamal. Reports suggest he carried out the attack using his company car.

Following the attacks, police have closed off all roads into Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called an emergency security cabinet meeting.

The latest attacks in Jerusalem came just over an hour after a terrorist stabbed and wounded a 32-year-old man in the central city of Ra’anana, before being overcome and beaten by other pedestrians.

The injured victim has been hospitalized in light condition, with multiple stab wounds to his upper body, while the terrorist is currently in serious condition.

Shortly after the Jerusalem attacks a second stabbing took place in Ra’anana, leaving four people injured. The terrorist was likewise subdued by passersby and arrested by police.

THE urgent question becomes: What are the core remedial measures which must IMMEDIATELY go into effect? Well, if Jewish blood isn’t to be deemed worthless within Israel – to the extent of punishing Jews who pray at Judaism’s holiest site, The Temple Mount, thus, banning them from renewing their gun permits – and if democracy has not become akin to a suicide pact, several prescriptive measures are patently clear: 

  • Firstly, Israel’s top political echelon must remove its (mental) yoke, to wit: “how will Washington and the EU react to this and that (Jewish) life-saving measure?” Said twisted, ghetto-like thinking must be tossed into the trash heap, post-haste, for it permeates their strategic decision-making calculus, such that it is.
  • Secondly, aside from MK’s promising to enact bills that would finally ! enact very harsh punitive measures against so-called ‘youths’ (and their families) who are caught in acts of terror, a burning nation can’t wait for the slow wheels of the legislative process to spin. Hence, each neighborhood which houses terror enclaves (the authorities know EXACTLY which ones they are, as does this investigative journalist) must be immediately sealed off. In tandem, stepped up measures should be held in abeyance to send a clear message: If you kill Jews, your lives will become unbearable. Whatever it takes. Besides, how can PM Netanyahu, a ‘serial accommodater’ – the buck stops with him – justify doing otherwise, with Jewish citizens being murdered and maimed at will? Would zoo keepers allow wild beasts to roam free without fencing??
  • Thirdly, immediate arrests of top Arab ringleaders must take place. This includes: the (northern-based) Islamic Movement’s leadership and Arab MK inciters. Additionally, the IDF must surround Abbas’s compound – he is a chief inciter – in the same deliberate manner in which Arafat’s Muqata was laid to siege in Sept. 2003. Now, didn’t that send a forceful message?

(Arab Israeli teen girls join in militant jihad, experts at killing Jews!)


PM Netanyahu is well advised to stem the bloodshed – forthwith. Mind you, this is decidedly NOT outside the multi-tiered ability and expertise of the security forces.

ON the other hand, what is absolutely lacking is the political will to stanch the blood flow and to draw the salient conclusion: To hell with the wailing and breast beating from the international community, with leftist and Arabist elements inside Israel in tow.

THE calculus is: Either the powers that be will continue to bury the Jewish dead – seen as the ‘lesser’ of two evils – or they will execute their sworn duties and protect the majority Jewish public, thus, totally reining in fifth column jihadists. There is no middle ground. 

LEST anyone is mistaken, even peaceful Jews have their limits.  Jewish נקמה…revenge…against militant jihadists is not far-fetched, nor should it be deemed vigilante justice, that is, if the leaders fail to protect them!

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