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Islamic Indoctrination Brought to You by Common Core and These Parents Won’t Have It


If you’ve followed the forced acceptance of Common Core by the US Department of Education onto school districts across the nation you won’t be surprised to learn that Common Core is being used as a tool to indoctrinate elementary and middle school students into Islam.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Another school district is facing parental outrage over lessons on Islam, the latest in what’s becoming an all-out offensive against what many characterize as blatant “indoctrination.”

“How can you assure us that our children won’t have to study Islamic religion?” parent Pam Keene recently asked members of the Rutherford County School Board.


The Common Core-aligned social science assignments require students to write or recite “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet,” the Five Pillars of Islam, and other things that conflict with family beliefs.

Could you imagine for one second if students were required to recite the tenets of faith of Christianity?


The ACLU and Democrats across the nation would be burning down schools and burning offending teachers and administrators at the stake.

School districts are claiming that they’re powerless to stop it. Education bureaucrats at both the state and federal level will make sure Common Core is not messed with. That would inhibit their ability to control your child’s mind.

Now, locals are focused on rooting out Islam from the school curriculum, but it’s a decision Rutherford Director of Schools Don Odom said is out of the district’s hands.

At the recent board meeting, Odom “told the group that he and the board understand their concerns, but pointed out that textbooks are no longer chosen by the board or a local textbook committee.

He recommended that concerned parents contact the State Department of Education through its website to complain.

Right Don. That’s certainly going to help. NOT!

As I’ve said many times, putting your children in public school is child abuse.


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