“I’ll Have ‘Greatest Answer on Final Jeopardy Ever’ For $200 Alex” [VIDEO]

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We just love Jeopardy.  When our kids were little it came on about the time I got home from The Salt Mine and our little one, Ethan, would come running to me as I came through the door screaming “Jeee Paaaa Deee Daddy, Jeee Paaaa Deee,” and his big brother would be sitting on the couch turning on the TV so we could play the game together.  They usually beat me.

This particular episode, which happened last week, has to be the one of the all time best.  The Final Jeopardy contestant may have gotten the answer wrong as far as Alex was concerned, but … well, you tell me.

That has to be the best “wrong answer” ever given.  And if I were the host of Jeopardy I’d have given her credit for a right answer.

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