If you See This Odd Mark Under Your Fingernail, Go See the Doctor IMMEDIATELY

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Everyone and their mother’s brother’s sister’s baby daddy’s cousin twice removed knows that if you have a mole or birthmark that suddenly changes shape, color, or size, you need to hightail it to the doctor right away, because any of these could be signs of cancer.

Well, a woman discovered there’s another strange mark on the body that you need to be aware of that could indicate skin cancer, and paying attention to this growth might just save your life.

Check it out.


From Mad World News:

We’ve all found random odd marks on our bodies and ignored them as merely an imperfection or something that wouldn’t harm us, but that’s not always the case. Years after seeing a strange spot form on her fingernail, a woman learned what it actually meant, and now she wants everyone else to know about it.

The case wasn’t recent, but it still serves as a warning to others to be vigilant with their health and never take any chances. A woman named Julie had something strange pop up on her nail, but she let it go, figuring that it was harmless. But a trip to the doctor’s office several years later would end up saving her life.

CBS News reported last year that Julie went to see a nail specialist after the odd marking started to change, and what she thought to be harmless was actually a form of cancer that was growing under her nail.


“Just like you have moles on your skin you can have a mole on your nail matrix which is where the nail grows from,” nail specialist Dr. Dana Stern said.

Apparently, Julie had malignant melanoma of the nail bed, which doesn’t harm the nail itself, but instead grows underneath.

Julie eventually had to have the whole nail removed and is hoping she can raise awareness about this odd kind of cancer to save lives.


Apparently the nails where this cancer most often occurs is the thumb, index finger, and big toe, so especially keep an eye out for changes in these areas.

What you’re looking for is a dark stripe beneath the nail that may have blurred edges or that changes over time.

Cancer is nothing to play around with, and the best way to beat it is early detection, which is why it’s critical to be aware of the messages your body could be sending you.

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