Hippies Try to Burn Flag At LSU: BIG MISTAKE!

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Now here’s a story I get big laughs from: Hippies try to burn the American flag as a form of “protest” at LSU and BLAM!

They’re met with a counter-protest by patriotic college kids..

At least one student made an attempt to defend the actions of the flag burner and that didn’t go over well. After all, this is LSU not Harvard or Berkeley.

Mounted police saved this little twit from the crowd. We’re pretty sure that the only injuries she might have sustained had police not showed up would have been to her fragile ego and her ear drums.

This isn’t the first time a flag has been burned at LSU, a student pulled the same stunt in 2011 protesting bin Laden’s death at the hands of Barack Obama Navy Seals. It didn’t go well for that punk either.

With all the depressing news coming out of college campuses lately it’s a pleasure to celebrate a university with what seems to be a fine and a patriotic student body.

Thank you LSU.

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