Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony lowlights

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Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours on Thursday in front of Benghazi Select Committee. One purpose of the committee is to find out what breakdowns caused the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and serviceman Sean Smith. The other purpose of the committee is to get past the coverup of the initial events.

Democrats are determined to sabotage the committee by dismissing it as partisan. Those Democrats should talk to Benghazi mom Pat Smith. They should look in her eyes. Then they should look in the mirror if they can still stomach themselves.


The select committee is a search for truth and justice. Liberals love to insert the word justice into everything, from social justice to economic justice to climate justice. The Benghazi Committee is about getting real justice for the four Americans murdered in Libya because Hillary Clinton did not do her job. Rather than admit she messed up like JFK did after the Bay of Pigs, she chose to lie by blaming a You-Tube video. This is why Pat Smith believes Hillary’s political career should burn in flames white hotter than the Benghazi Four were engulfed in. This is not political. It is deeply personal. With that, there were plenty of lowlights at Thursday’s marathon session.

From the start of the session, Democrats again put party over country. Elijah Cummings thinks jumping on a grenade to protect Hillary Clinton is military heroism.

Of course Cummings will protect Clinton‘s four Benghazi deaths. He gets hundreds killed in Baltimore through his inaction.

The only light note came when someone scratched a dime on Cummings‘s head and won five dollars and a 7-Eleven Slurpee.

Cummings and Clinton deny there was a stand down order that left the Benghazi Four to die. whistleblower Greg Hicks insisted there was a stand down order. Benghazi poetic justice would be Black Lives Matter protesters turning on Cummings and torching his neighborhood as the Baltimore Police Department receives a stand down order.

Democrats even tried to blame President George W. Bush for everything since the beginning of time. The public could fit Clinton with dog shock collar for when she lies. She would probably chew through the collar and blame Bush for the shocks.

Feminist Hillary Clinton repeatedly said that Chris Stevens knew the risks of what he was getting into. This is the Mike Tyson defense of blaming the victim.


Women walking in dangerous neighborhoods without adequate protection deserve what they get, based on Clinton‘s view of Chris Stevens.

Her remarks came only a couple weeks after feminists gathered for Slutwalk 2015 in Los Angeles. Clinton said rape victim Stevens knew the risks. Stevens was no slut, so why is feminist Hillary slut-shaming him?

A nondescript bald white congressman from Washington offered the quote of the day for his side. “We have learned nothing.” Finally, a Democrat tells the truth. This should be their 2016 campaign theme.

Democrats insist that they want to implement reforms preventing Benghazi deaths from reoccurring. One solution is to not vote for Hillary Clinton or other Democrats who cause these deaths.

Benghazi resulted from a socially promoted inferior black man socially promoting an inferior white woman. It is time to end political affirmative action.

Hillary Clinton showed as much concern for Chris Stevens as Michael Vick did for dogs.

Clinton still doesn’t get it. She tried to link anti-Islamic cartoons with Charlie Hebdo. Cartoons did not cause the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Islamists did. Her entire leftist world view enables Islamists.

97% of leftists believe Hillary Clinton is honest. After they finished their daily shill for Hill, they return to their day jobs as climate scientists.

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson was called to Washington to separate Elijah Cummings‘s head from Hillary Clinton‘s hide.

In deep denial, Hillary said, ”I believe to this day the video played a role.” Who does she think she is, Dan Rather?

Hillary should go full on Dan Rather and declare the You-Tube video explanation fake but accurate.

Hillary has sleepless nights. That comes from staying up all night toggling late night phone calls between pollsters and the private investigator hired to monitor Bill Clinton.

Congressman Peter Roskam asked the big question. Hillary Clinton says she takes “responsibility” for#‎Benghazi. How so? She drowned trying to answer.

Hillary was unsure whether to shed crocodile tears, scream, laugh, or sit stone-faced. Without cell phone updates from her pollsters, she is unsure what to think.

Congresswoman Martha Roby reminded Clinton to stop acting like a junior high schoolgirl & treat the Benghazi hearings seriously.

Of course Clinton‘s life has been spent in CYA mode. No pantsuit in the world is big enough to C that A.

Congressman Jim Jordan blasted Clinton to smithereens. She rambled, unable to explain why she keeps changing her story of events.

Hillary Clinton supporters are using Benghazi for fundraising while attacking the committee as political. Hillary supporters may be the least self-aware people on earth.

Congressman Adam Schiff complained that the hearing kept dragging on. This was because he, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Democrats kept rambling. This dithering is why the Benghazi Four are dead.

Schiff and Cummings went almost 20 minutes without asking a single question. Cummings frequently did the fake anger thing.

Cummings kept saying the hearings were a waste of taxpayer money, the first time a liberal ever showed concern with that. If Cummings cares about wasting taxpayer dollars, he can return the taxpayer dollars of conservatives that get redistributed and spent on his parasite liberal constituents who burnt down Baltimore.

Near the end, Hillary Clinton snapped, HillaryClinton: “I don’t care what you all say about me, it doesn’t bother me a bit.” This was said in an angry shrill tone, because she is her.

It is easy for Hillary to be a nutcracker with weak metrosexual liberal men. Clinton has finally met her match. South Carolina Congressman ‎Trey Gowdy asked tough questions. It was Hillary who was cracked open like a walnut.

After 11 hours, Hillary Clinton thanked the Benghazi committee and left the room to return to her life of crime. Illegal fundraisers await.

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