Hero Father Does This to Scumbag Who Was Harassing His Teenage Daughter: YES!

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Passers-by were shocked by the sight of a man being tied to a pole in the middle of a busy street in the city of Ningbo, eastern China.

He had allegedly been following a teenage school girl before and after school for a week before her father caught him, reported¬†People’s Daily Online.

The man reportedly admitted to his crime and the case is under investigation.


A man, dressed in a grey suit, was seen tied to a lamp post just outside a supermarket on Wang Mei Road on October 23.

According to a store owner nearby, the man, identified only by his surname Xu, had been stalking a teenage girl living in the area.

Reports said Mr. Xu, 51, had allegedly followed the school girl everyday before and after school for a week.

After the girl’s father found out about the stalker, he hid behind his daughter on her way to school to try and catch the man.

Mr. Xu appeared again on October 23 and the father caught him before he could harass his daughter again.

The 51-year-old said that he ‘wanted to make the school girl his daughter’ as the father slapped him several times and tied him against the lamp post.


According to the police, the teenage girl’s family called the police shortly after they seized the suspect and officers took him away.

Mr. Xu confessed to his crime during police questioning.

Police confirmed that the girl was not hurt. They added that ‘tying up someone to a pole is not something we recommend doing.’

Chinese online community welcomed the father’s chosen punishment for the stalker.

One user of Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, said: ‘This guy deserves the humiliation!’

Another user said: ‘It’s useless to tie him up, just hit him to death!’

I don’t have a daughter and I am not a father, but as a mother of 3 boys, I can say this guy got off lightly. Most people I know would have done much more than just slap this guy around a few times. I can tell you if that were my grandaughter, her father would not have been able to contain himself. This is one SICK scumbag! Let’s hope he doesn’t get put back on the street anytime soon.¬†

Ninja Turtle to the rescue!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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