More Gun Violence – This Time in … Australia and by … Muslims!


Australia is one of the places that Barack Obama loves to cite as the paradigm for gun control. Several years ago they confiscated every gun in the country and destroyed them. That’s exactly what Barack and his good buddy Mike Bloomberg want to do here in the US.

Apparently the Aussies missed at least one gun because earlier today an armed teenager murdered a police employee as he was leaving work. Shot him dead in the street. How could this have happened?

Aussie cops dispatched the shooter. I am wondering if CAIR or Al Sharpton will be showing up in Australia to protest the unwarranted killing of this teenager?

What could have set him off? After all, Muslims are being welcomed in very large numbers in Australia .

A teen gunman who shot and killed a NSW Police Service employee in western Sydney on Friday acted after he heard a lecture by the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, a local news network has reported. However, the group has downplayed the claim as “speculation”.

Seven News said Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar was at a talk given by Hizb ut-Tahrir at nearby Parramatta Mosque just hours before he donned a black robe and killed finance worker Curtis Cheng outside NSW Police headquarters in Parramatta.

He attended a Mosque. And heard a “lecture.”

The leadership of the Mosque wouldn’t comment and they say they’re “cooperating with the police.” Obviously they’re a mainstream, peaceful group of people who just happen to also reject democracy, secularism and all Western models of state.

The Australian news station actually did some follow-up on the story.

Just a peaceful church group youth program. And remember, Barack Obama is welcoming another 200,000 Syrian Muslims in the US and despite what he tells you, we have no way to know if they are bad guys or really bad guys. Pretty sure there won’t be any good guys.

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