Great Picture of a Muslim Dad and His Daughters. Wait! What? They’re Not His Daughters???

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Muslims are good family people who practice the “Religion of Peace,” right?

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, I guess that depends on your definition of “peace.” Side question, “Is Bill Clinton a Muslim?”

We’ve got some pictures for you that demonstrate what good family folks Muslims really are. I know I feel a lot different after seeing these pics.

Here’s the one the title of our post refers to …


Dad is smiling and his daughters wives are dressed appropriately for Muslim little girls wives.

That’s right, they’re his wives. They’re faces are covered so you can’t see them grinning from ear to ear. Or something.

Here’s another example. This one is from Gaza.

You know, that strip of land next to Israel populated by some of the most vile terrorists in the world. Speaking of terrorism …


That was a mass wedding ceremony with over 1,000 Muslims getting “married.”

Note how tall all the Muslim men seem in these pictures. I wonder why that is?


These pictures, and thousands more, are not Muslim “extremism.” They’re examples of what is accepted as mainstream in Muslim society.

It’s Sharia Law, and Muslims in the US want Sharia Law enforced here.

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