German Police Capitulate to Migrant Crime Wave

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Asylum seekers are driving a surge in violent crime in cities and towns across Germany. German authorities, however, are downplaying the lawlessness, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiment.


A confidential police report leaked to a German newspaper reveals that a record-breaking 38,000 asylum seekers were accused of committing crimes in the country in 2014. Analysts believe this figure — which works out to more than 100 a day — is only the tip of the iceberg, as many crimes are either not resolved or not reported.

The current spike in crime — including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking — comes amid a record-breaking influx of refugees from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Western Balkans.

With more than 10,000 new migrants entering Germany every day, observers warn that crime in the country is sure to snowball. Experts say that many of the migrants will never be integrated into German society because they lack even the most basic skills to find work in the country. Some are warning of the establishment of parallel societies across Germany in which shiftless migrants are sustained by a volatile mix of taxpayer-funded social welfare handouts and crime.

Migrants are becoming increasingly unruly in their disrespect for German law. On September 11, for example, two asylum seekers from Libya attempted to shoplift items from a Netto-Markt grocery store in Freiberg, a town in the state of Saxony. After the men were caught with the merchandise by a security guard, they became violent and managed to escape.

A short while later, the men returned to the store with a machete and pepper spray, and began threatening the employees. When police arrived at the scene, the men attacked the officers, who fired warning shots into the air. One of the migrants was arrested; the other escaped.

Within hours, the detained man — a 27-year-old being housed at taxpayer expense in a refugee shelter in Freiberg — was released without charge. The next morning, the two men returned to the grocery store, pulled a knife and threatened to behead the employees.

According to local media, public prosecutors instructed police to release the men because they did not use force during the initial act of shoplifting. “The deeds could not be classified under the offense of robbery or predatory theft because the accused did not use violence or the threat of violence to carry out their act,” a spokesperson said. In any event, he added, the men do not need to be detained because, as asylum seekers, they do not pose a significant risk of flight from justice.

Freiberg Mayor Sven Krüger, of the center-left Social Democrats, publicly denounced the judicial inaction. “Words fail me,” he said. “I have no comprehension of our justice system; it released the offender. Yesterday he threatened employees and police. We cannot protect our citizens in this way, and the work of the police is wasted effort.”


In a short summary:

  • The behavior of these highly delinquent youths towards police officers can be characterized as aggressive, disrespectful and condescending. … When they are arrested, they resist and assault [police officers]. The youths have no respect for state institutions.” — Confidential report, leaked to Die Welt.
  • In Berlin, a classified police report revealed that a dozen Arab clans hold reign over the city’s criminal underworld. The report says the clans, which are dedicated to dealing drugs, robbing banks and burglarizing department stores, run a “parallel justice system” in which they resolve disputes among themselves with mediators from other crime families. If the state gets involved, the clans use cash payments or threats of violence to influence witnesses.
  • “For years the policy has been to leave the population in the dark about the actual crime situation… The citizens are being played for fools.” — André Schulz, head of the Association of Criminal Police.
  • According to the President of the German Police Union, “In Berlin or in the north of Duisburg there are neighborhoods where colleagues hardly dare to stop a car — because they know that they’ll be surrounded by 40 or 50 men.” These attacks amount to a “deliberate challenge to the authority of the state — attacks in which the perpetrators are expressing their contempt for our society.”
  • The steady flow of leaked police reports seems to indicate that police are losing patience with the state-sponsored multicultural policies that are making Germany increasingly more unsafe.
  • German authorities have repeatedly been accused of underreporting the true scale of the crime problem in the country. For example, according to the head of the association of criminal police (Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter, BDK), André Schulz, up to 90% of the sex crimes committed in Germany in 2014 do not appear in the official statistics.
  • …with the massive influx of migrants in 2015, Germany is effectively importing 100,000 additional criminals into the country. Meanwhile, crime reports use all manner of politically correct euphemisms to describe foreign suspects without using the terms “migrant” or “Muslim migrant.”

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In other words, if Obama and Democrats have it their way, thousands of these same refugees and “Muslim immigrants” will be coming to America.  America will become the next Germany – with increased migrant crime, and crime reports “downplayed” or “underreported”.  The result will play right into Obama’s hands of fundamentally transforming America.  




Written by Nancy Hayes

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