Geraldo Unleashed: The Constitution is “Bull***t” and Americans are the Problem

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Geraldo Rivera, a Fox News token, jumped the shark over the Oregon school shooting where Christians were targeted. He didn’t care about the Christians, he cared about making Barack Obama’s point and politicizing guns.

He want’s the Constitution rewritten and he was ranting about it on Facebook.


“… 2nd Amendment bullshit aside …” Nice huh?

Tell ya what Geraldo there are a number of things you can do that would absolutely make a difference, and ranting on Facebook won’t.

First of all, you could move to Chicago, the South Side thank you, and start working in “the community” there to bring about your vision of “Peace in Our Time.” In September 60 people were murdered in Chicago, most of them on the South Side, most of them black or giving the general appearance of an illegal alien. Put your money to work there Geraldo and put your life on the line doing it.

Second, if you don’t like that one, immigrate to Mexico, the land of your forefathers. I’m sure they’d welcome you.

Third, and this is my personal favorite, go to Washington D.C. sit down with Barack and the powers in the Democratic Party, and DEMAND that they include a plank in their 2016 Democratic Platform to repeal the 2nd Amendment. After all, it’s “bullshit” anyway, right?

So come on Geraldo, get off your fat a$$ and DO something, stop whining.


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