Four WORDS save Woman From Attack by Islamic Jihadists!


An elderly Christian woman in Israel was riding a city bus when two Muslim terrorists launched a terrorist attack with a guns and knives. She was stabbed multiple times.

Marike Veldman, who is 78 years old, isn’t just any woman.

For the past 32 years [she]has operated a foster home for Arab children in Jerusalem, raising 20 and adopting a number of the children that she raised. Prior to coming to Israel, Veldman lived in her homeland of Holland until deciding to volunteer in the Holy Land.

She feels as though she was called by God to serve Arab children in Israel. She has dedicated her life to helping those children.

It’s not surprising that Muslim terrorists (sorry for the redundancy) would try to kill her. Their hand was probably directed by their pedophile prophet Mohammad. After all, she is a Christian and I’d expect her “Arab children” are Christian as well. In Muslim circles, that’s a death sentence.

So, what saved a 78 year old woman from a violent terrorist attack by two Muslim men?

Moments later, the men, one of which carried a gun and the other a knife, began yelling, “Allah is the greatest” and proceeded to attack passengers.

“They began to cry ‘Allahu Akbar,’” she recalled. “The man in front of me began with a knife stabbing into me. The other man started shooting. People screamed very loudly. It was awful.”

But even as Veldman was being stabbed, she called out to Jesus Christ.

I cried constantly in Dutch, ‘Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus! Help me! Help me!,” she recalled.

God speaks Dutch. And He is all powerful and ever present and ready to protect His people.

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