Fear Mongering or just Common Sense

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There’s been a whole bunch of media exposure by Christians related to the murders in Oregon by a killer who asked people if they were Christians and then shot them if they said, “Yes.”

Ben Carson went on Facebook with this post and #IamaChristian went viral.


Ron Ramsey is the Lt.Gov. of Tennessee and he’s a Christian and he took #IamaChristian one step farther.


In other works, show your faith by carrying a weapon to protect yourself and your family.

I’m a Christian and I think Ramsey’s rational is a tad over the top. Let me note that if you see me on the street I’m carrying at least one pistol and one tactical knife and I know how to use both. The fact that I carry has nothing to do with me being a Christian, it has to do solely with the fact that there may be people around who aren’t Christians and might wish to do me harm for whatever reason.

To Mr. Ramsey I would say, carry a gun (and know how to use it) for only one reason, protection. Faith has nothing to do with it.

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