Father Of Oregon Shooting Victim Turned Away From Meeting With Obama

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One family member of a victim of the Umpqua Community College shooting said he was turned away from meeting with President Obama Friday.  James Cooper was the father of 18-year-old Quinn Cooper, who died in last week’s shooting.


James has been divorced from Quinn’s mother since 2007, but said he stayed in touch with his son.

James said local law enforcement included him in other briefings and events involving the victims’ families.

However, James said the Secret Service and FBI kept him out of Roseburg High School Friday when President Obama went to comfort the families.

“I cannot believe the president of … the whole United States has denied a grieving father the right to see what’s going on and the right to see,” James told Fox 12. “All I hear is gun control, gun control… hell with gun control, that’s not the issue. The issue is we are grieving, we are hurting and he won’t see me, that’s wrong.”

Quinn’s father and mother are holding separate funerals for their son this weekend. Fox 12 reached out to the Secret Service to find out why James was excluded from today’s meeting, but agents have not responded.

Hey Mr. Cooper! Did you REALLY think “Mr. Holier than Thou” would see you? Especially because he just wanted the publicity and stage to talk about MORE gun control. Or should we say more ‘control’ period?  If you, Mr. Cooper don’t support CONTROL, well I doubt he would want to see you, or anyone else regardless if you are grieving. Unfortunately, that is Obama our ‘Dictator in Chief’. 

Personally, I am sorry for your loss, Mr. Cooper. I can’t imagine losing a son, but know you must be heartbroken.

It’s time to stand up and say NO MORE! Close the borders! Stop the invasion of Muslim refugees! Stop Funding Sanctuary Cities! Just say ‘NO’! Who better to lead this call to action than someone like you!



Written by Nancy Hayes

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Father Of Oregon Shooting Victim Turned Away From Meeting With Obama



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