Ex-Aggie Football Player Goes From Stardom to Life in Prison!

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A former star football recruit whose receiving skills brought him prominence at Texas A&M while Johnny Manziel was the quarterback told police he hacked a jogger to death because things were not going his way. What?! Something is NOT right here!


Since when do we just kill people because things just “aren’t going our way”! Unreal! Somewhere this kid got lost and lost it! 

In a story on Daily Mail:

Thomas Johnson, 21, had recently lost his housing and was angry with his life when he repeatedly struck the runner using a ‘large-bladed knife’ and lodged the weapon in the man’s head on Monday.

After the early-morning attack on the popular White Rock Creek Trail in Dallas, Johnson used a cellphone to call 911 to say the victim ‘was laying down with a sword in his head and not moving.’

A bicyclist identified only as Brandon told police he saw the attacker repeatedly striking the jogger in the head, an arrest warrant affidavit revealed on Tuesday, according to NBC Dallas.


The cyclist said: ‘As I get closer and closer I could tell it was a machete and there are repeated blows that are occurring.


After calling 911, Johnson stayed at the scene and spoke with a responding officer, saying, ‘I just committed capital murder’ and adding that he ‘just picked somebody to murder.’

The affidavit said when the officer asked him to explain, Johnson said only, ‘It’s like when you don’t wake up.’

The suspect also said he had been ‘put out of his home’ but it was unclear for how long.

The male jogger, David Stevens, died at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

On Monday, Dallas police Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin said: ‘It appears that Mr. Johnson picked this victim at random.

‘It’s absolutely random. He just attacked him.

‘He told our homicide detectives that he was angry about a situation and he just picked somebody to murder.

‘I believe there’s more to that story. It’s just very unusual. It’s quite shocking.’

Johnson was being held Tuesday at the Dallas County jail, charged with murder and two counts of probation violation.

Johnson has not had any involvement with the football program over the past three years, the school said.

At the time of Monday’s attack, Johnson was being sought for probation violations.

Court records show that in January he admitted to burglarizing his aunt’s home, stealing money and her vehicle.

His aunt said in an arrest affidavit last year that Johnson ‘has been causing problems in the family for a long period of time.’

Records show he had multiple violations of the terms of his probation, including for testing positive for marijuana and failing to complete community service.

So here’s a young kid, who was talented and had a bright future in football. In 2012, he was a wide receiver playing with the Texas AM Aggies and Johnny Manziel. As a freshman football player, he played in 10 games. Johnson caught 20 passes for 339 yards. His college career ended with 3 catches and a win against top-ranked Alabama. Not too shabby. But then…..things got strange!

Johnson stopped getting haircuts, wouldn’t leave his room, only wore white clothing, and would only speak to teammates or coaches if they had biblical names. 

Johnson even disappeared for a couple days and was found near his old high school – at least 26 miles away. It took 3 days to find him. 

There were even rumors he had been traumatized by a teammate. 

On one occasion, Johnson told a mentor, Terance Perine, “I’m going to tell you something and you can’t tell anybody. I’m the messiah. I’m the chosen one.”

Another family, the Stephensons stepped up to support Johnson. But they noticed odd behavior. Johnson would be effusive one moment — giving out spontaneous hugs — and then “go vacant,” lowering his head and twirling his hair in silence.

The Stephensons drove Johnson to his mother’s house for one night. He promised to meet the couple at a Starbucks the next day and return. They never saw him again, and his mother would not take their calls.

When he walked away from our house, we realized his ability to go back to a four-year college or play in the NFL was gone,” Dave Stephenson said.

Johnson’s strange behavior continued. He babbled often about Bible characters and came to believe in a talking teddy bear.

At some point in the last year, a relative had Johnson diagnosed with schizophrenia. His friends heard talk of a treatment program in Lancaster, though it’s unclear if he ever went.

Johnson showed up at his father’s apartment in Hurst the week before last. He often watched football on his dad’s couch but, that day, paced the parking lot, spooking Robert Johnson’s neighbors.

After arguing with his father outside the apartment, Johnson began walking back toward Dallas, 30 miles away.

“If I could’ve just kept him here, maybe it would have made a difference,” Robert Johnson said, rubbing tears from his face. “I feel like it would have. I wish I just could have.”

Johnson surfaced for the last time on Monday, not long after sunrise.
Totally Bizarre! Isn’t it. 
Here’s a kid who was given a ‘gift from God’ a talent to play football. One minute, he’s looking at a bright football future, the next minute he’s a criminal being charged with a murder! It wasn’t that Johnson, didn’t have mentors. He had several including coaches, a lawyer, and a couple families – that even took him in and tried to provide structure and “home”.  But Johnson lacked two key components – a traditional family – two parents in a “normal home”, and proper medical treatment. Certainly with all the mentors his life – none provided this young man with the mental and/or medical treatment that Johnson really needed. Johnson clearly had signs of mental issues along the way, but was not treated. He was heard by several, but not really listened to. By the sounds of it, his mother may have some mental issues as well. Mental illness is a disease. It needs to be treated by professionals. With proper treatment, maybe two lives would have been saved. Why didn’t anyone hear Johnson’s cry for “real” help? This is a sad, but real story!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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