Everything You Ever Needed To Know About “Moderate” Muslims

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Moderate Muslims.

Those would be the ones that practice the “Religion of Peace,” not those radical Muslims who do stuff like this …

So, it’s a fair question to ask, where can we find some “moderate Muslims?”

iran gay

Or stuff like this …


Oh wait, hanging homosexuals and stoning women who commit adultery (but not men) are the official policies of every Muslim government.  Not “radical Islamic” governments, we’re talking out Barack Obama’s friends.  The same people he wants to give virtually unlimited entry into the US.  With no background checks because we can’t figure out how to do them.

Here’s an Imam at a Muslim gathering who’s going to answer the question for us.


He asks the crowd how many of you are normal Muslims and then he asks them how many of you agree that the punishments (death and stoning) described in the Quran is the best punishment.  Did you see any disagreement?

Muslims, ordinary, moderate Muslims have been slaughtering and enslaving their neighbors for 14 centuries.  They’re not about to change because Barack Obama loves them or the Europeans are scared to death of them.


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