Earth Splits Wide Open Near Yellowstone Super Volcano! Catastrophe to Come?

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Admit it, if you saw this giant crack running down the middle of the 5 FWY in Los Angeles – you’d know the big one was coming.

This sudden major fracture would not normally be cause for concern, but this mountain range happens to be located very close to the Yellowstone caldera, a supervolcano that has recently shown signs of its magma chamber being recharged. This can’t be good:

So is it? Hat tip / IFL Science:


Photo: Randy Becker

Good enough for me – get the H E Double-hockeysticks out of there!!!

However, rising magma would cause seismic activity as it forces its way up through the crust, something which as mentioned was undetected at the time of the formation of the crevasse.

The giant crack in the earth appeared in the last two weeks, according to hunter Randy Becker, recently hunting there. Everyone is apparently calling it “the gash”…

I’ll leave the INSERT WISE-CRACK HERE up to you… get it? Wise CRACK? oh forget it, but… It really is an incredible sight. And may kill us all by exploding and causing a nuclear winter – but hey – isn’t “The Kardashians” on?”

Sudden tectonic movements in Earth’s crust causes earthquakes, which displace large amounts of material in very short periods of time, often producing large fractures at the surface level..


But think about it: “Giant Crack Opens Up Near Yellowstone”…

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