Don’t Kid Yourselves Kids: Hillary is the 2016 Democrat Nominee

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So did you watch the First Democratic Debate? Don’t feel bad, neither did most people. It was like the entire stage was the supporting cast and Hillary had the leading role. Only unlike the republican presidential debate, it was VERY obvious, TOO obvious that CNN – was lame on the questions.


In fact, the only real accurate statement of the evening by Hillary was when she said:

“I’m a progressive, but I’m a progressive who likes to get things done.”

Oh, she’s a progressive alright! If you’re into that thing – you know being a socialist!

The “cast” on stage was so weak, you could have sent up Rosie O’Donnell and she would have even looked good. Bernie was SO far to the left, it made even a progressive, like Hillary look almost ‘normal’. After all, where did he spend his honeymoon?…. in the Soviet Union if that makes you wonder a tad about his leftist side. So the only other “viable” candidate on the stage, Bernie Sanders, seemed to be there as a soft cushion and support system to Hillary, I mean next to Bernie Hillary looked moderate, younger and less a Maoist. Shoot he even joked, of all things about Hillary’s emails! That’s right he joked about her emails which are under federal investigation by the FBI – but hey, guess THAT’s just not serious enough for the Liberals to care about right? Gag me!

But hey, if you are curious as to the results from last night here’s a random survey from 760 registered Democratic voters from Gravis Marketing regarding the  first Democratic Primary debate. The poll has a margin of error of ± 3.6%.  The polls were conducted using automated telephone calls (IVR technology) and weighted by party voting characteristics. The poll was conducted for One America News Network.





In addition, when asked if the Democratic Primary Elections were held today, 42% said they would vote for Hillary vs. 34% who would vote for Bernie.

65% of those surveyed identifed their race as “white”. 89% were NOT Hispanic. You can read more here.

74% thought CNN did a “good” job? Get Real! This debate was so RIGGED! Not only did CNN NOT ask any serious questions of the candidates, like they did when hosted a Republican candidate debate, but every Democratic nominee was so lame. It was SO OBVIOUS they “backed off” of Hillary.  This just goes to show the intelligence level of the typical Democrat voter – no questions about ISIS, no questions about the deficit, no one talked about cutting taxes, and Planned Parenthood wasn’t even mentioned, but they did talke about #BlackLivesMatter, global warming, and the endless list of “free handouts” from the government. Did I mention Benghazi?….nope.

No, this wasn’t a debate folks, this was an audition to see who could “suck up” to Hillary the most! Bernie  – you brought up Hillary’s emails, we waited for you to slam it out of the park, but nope. You made a joke. It’s no joke, but so glad you and Hillary could laugh together about that one. Bernie you took the cake, big guy! Dodgeball anyone?

#WakeUp America


Written by Nancy Hayes

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