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314 Criminal Illegal Aliens Arrested in Florida For SERIOUS Felonies: Donald Trump Was Right!


Donald Trump was right when he said Mexico is sending us their murderers and rapists.

In Florida, just Florida, ICE arrested over 300 criminal illegal aliens.

We’re not talking about misdemeanor arrests, we’re talking serious felonies .

Thanks Mexico.

All of those arrested during the enforcement action met at least one of the agency’s three enforcement priorities. More than one-quarter had criminal records that included felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as murder, attempted murder, child sex crimes, sex offenses, weapons charges and drug violations.

“It bears repeating,” as Donald would say: Murder, attempted murder, child sex crimes.


And a big thank you to Barack Obama whose immigration policies have hundreds of thousands of illegal alien criminals on the streets of our cities and towns, commiting crimes knowing they won’t be punished.

And hey, if the crime business is bad they can always collect welfare.


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