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Cruel Pet Owner Taunts Cat With Cucumber and VIDEOS Terrified Reactions! WATCH:


They say cats have nine lives.

Well, hundreds of felines across the world are down to eight thanks to their prankster owners spooking them almost to death with the terrifying sight of…cucumbers.


Cat keepers are sharing the hilarious clips of their tabbys leaping out their skins after it came to light earlier this year that most just cannot stand cucumbers.

The growing web trend sees owners sneak up behind their pets – most often while they’re eating – laying the long, green veg behind them and waiting, camera in hand, to record their terror.

YouTube user Alex N is the latest person to jump on the bandwagon, filming her black cat as it tucked into some water.

In the video, the tabby can be seen minding its own business, nestling down for a drink from a metallic bowl on a kitchen floor.

Clips shared on YouTube show cats leaping as high as five feet in their desperate attempts to escape the dreaded cucumbers.

The videos are being posted online using the title Cucumber v Cat. Here’s an example of one for you!

Little does it know, however, that Alex has lay the girthy vegetable on the ground behind it – and is waiting with her phone’s video camera recording to capture the pussy’s startled reaction.

And startled it certainly was.

When it eventually notices the cucumber, the poor cat jumps nearly a foot into the air, petrified by the very sight of it.

It lands nearly two feet away, as its owners burst into laughter.

The poor cat, however, is just one of thousands who’ve been filmed losing their wits at the sight of the vegetable.

Clips shared on YouTube show cats leaping as high as five feet in their desperate attempts to escape the dreaded cucumbers.

So, I guess not only humans can be “spooked” on Halloween. Who knew cats could be spooked by cucumbers? For all you feline owners, be careful of those who come bearing cucumbers. For all you pranksters…..Here kitty, kitty, kitty! 

Written by Nancy Hayes

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