Critics Unleash Attack on Gowdy: He Gives Them the Smackdown

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We like Trey Gowdy because he’s a fighter.

A former House committee staff member is suing Gowdy’s committee claiming he was fired from his staff job because he wasn’t sufficiently partisan. Gowdy took umbrage at that accusation.

Appearing on Fox News’ On The Record, Gowdy first noted that he received a letter from former staff member Bradley Podliska’s lawyers saying that they do not want the matter discussed publicly anymore. “They were happy to discuss it Friday, Saturday and Sunday [with the media], when they were making these incendiary allegations, but as soon as some facts started trickling out, now they don’t want to talk about it. They want it to be confidential,” Gowdy told Greta Van Susteran.

I can’t wait for this to go to court.

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