Corruption, Waste, Fraud in Medicaid/Medicare? Don’t Worry, Obama’s Got Just the Guy to Handle It: Chicago-style

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The “Chicago Way.” Pundits have been talking about that in relation to Barack Obama’s administration since inauguration day 2009. It’s a direct reference to the way corruption is inbred and genetic in Chicago.

Politics is viewed as generally corrupt everywhere in the country, but then there’s Chicago where politicians are bought and paid for just like it was Mexico. Barack Obama and his crew have probably set a new standard even for Chicago politicians.

We’re just going to take a look at the latest in a long line of scandalous appointments by President Capone Obama.


It would take 15,000 words to even begin to scratch the surface of Obama payoffs, ranging from the appointment of record numbers of Ambassadors who are Obama bundlers to the Department of Energy guaranteeing loans to companies like Solyndra. Solyndra’s backers were major Obama operatives who got hundreds of millions of dollars in loan guarantees just before it went out of business.

Andrew Slavitt is a former Goldman Sachs investment banker who Obama wants put in charge of Medicare.

Slavitt is the former head of UnitedHealth Group, a major Obamacare subcontractor. Interestingly, Slavitt was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs prior to joining the health care company where he was responsible for its Ingenix and Optum divisions.

The divisions that Slavitt ran were charged with fraud in patient care reimbursements and recently agreed to an out of court settlement of $120 million for New York customers.

Medicare and Medicaid have been rife with fraud since the day they were started and now the President wants a guy who’s already ripped off patients to run those cash cows.


Slavitt is not just being given the keys to a fraud machine, he’s getting huge payoffs and tax breaks to take the job.

Despite this tainted background, Slavitt was asked to join the Obama administration. On the announcement of his hiring as her deputy in July 2014, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell said that Slavitt “will focus on managing day-to-day operational issues across all of our programs and be a key part of our leadership team.” …

In order to make that arrangement possible, President Obama approved a classic Washington oxymoron — he signed an “ethics waiver” so Slavitt could join the government. At the same time, Slavitt was presented with a tax-free $4 million check by his old employer as he entered his new job to oversee his old company.

If that’s not enough, Slavitt got a huge tax break on the sale of his UnitedHealth Group stock too.

Slavitt sought and received a special “certificate of divestiture,” allowing him to indefinitely defer capital gains taxes on the sale of millions of dollars in equities. He was allowed to sell 23,711 shares of his UnitedHealth Group stock while avoiding any capital gains taxes on the transaction. The day he sold, United’s stock price was $82.72.

In his old job, one of the day-to-day operations Slavitt oversaw was making sure the Democratic Governor of Oregon wasn’t held accountable for his state throwing $300 million in federal taxpayers money down the drain for Oregon’s ObamaCare exchange that never managed to sell a policy.

Just imagine what he can do now that the runs the joint.

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