College Football is Cool, But Fans’ Pranks Are Better!


It seems like college football occupies the nation’s mindset every Saturday for months. Not to mention the six days surrounding Saturday.

As hard as the players work to get in shape and to win, sometimes it’s the fans who are the real workhorses.

Texas and Texas A&M is a century plus rivalry for bragging rights in the State of Texas.

Texas acquired its live mascot — an orange-tinted longhorn — in 1916. While students decided what to do with the wild steer, four Texas A&M students found Bevo in a stockyard and branded him with “13-0,” the score of the 1915 Texas-Texas A&M game. Due to the high cost of keeping the steer in wartime, Texas ended up barbecuing Bevo and serving him at a football banquet with A&M in 1920. The Aggies were presented with the “13-0” hide.


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