Clock-boy Moving to Qatar

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Ahmed Mohamed, the “clock-boy” who brought what any rational person would think was a bomb to school with him and gained worldwide notoriety because he was arrested, is leaving the US because we’re anti-Muslim. His family is moving to Qatar.

We’re very happy to see this terrorist-in-training leave here and we only wish the US was anti-Muslim.

Here’s Ahmed celebrating his act of mock terrorism with his biggest fan.


The one on the right is reinforcing his belief that no Muslim can be a “terrorist.” Nice smile Barack.

If you think for one minute that Ahmed’s arrest was unfounded, and you’re a white male, just make up one of these …


… and take it to your local airport. Try telling TSA that it’s a present for your grandmother. See how far that gets you.

I’ll save you the suspense, here’s where it will get you.


And I can guarantee you that you won’t get to visit President Obama in his House of Many Colors.

In the meantime, Ahmed and family, good riddance.

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