Chris Rock Breaks the Seal On Lamar Odom Jokes: Is He Racist… or Something?

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Yawn.  Lamar Odom was “found” unconscious in a whore house last week after a four day bender with coke and hookers.  Yawn.  Odom is married to a Kardashian.

15-1026 Odom & Kardashian

That explains the coke and hookers.

Odom’s trophy wife had filed for divorce ages ago because Odom apparently had a little problem with coke and hookers.  It’s been reported that Odom took the divorce hard.  I mean really, if you’ve got a problem with coke and hookers I can see how losing a Kardashian could be soul crushing.

15-1026 Khloe

Just to prove that the Kardashians are not like everybody else, this is what Khloe did after her husband was found in a cocaine coma in a whore house.

Khlomar is back! After Lamar Odom, 35, nearly lost his life after being found unconscious in a Nevada brothel, the former NBA star, 35, and Khloe Kardashian, 31, have called off their divorce. Let’s go down their road to reconciliation, which has been full of happiness and tears.

In other words, Khloe is giving Lamar a “second” chance.

Needless to say the people who have no life have been all over this.

15-1026 K Comment

Those comments, and a thousand more like them, are from the above linked story about Khlomar.  You’ll lose IQ points if you read the whole thing.

Now comes the fun.  Everybody who has nothing better to do is in a dither about the magical pair and along comes Chris Rock.  Mr. Rock took to Twitter to comment on the Odoms (or whatever they call themselves) and it raised a TwitterStorm against Chris.

15-1026 K Tweet

It’s a good thing Chris Rock is black because if he wasn’t the #BlackLivesMatter crew, fresh from their congratulatory words from President Barack Obama, would be burning down his house.  People are burning up Twitter instead.

Several of his fans saw the tweet as cruel as one even wrote to him: ‘Chris I like u but am disappointed n u 4 this joke about Lamar. The man is still ncritical condition. Have some (heart emoji) Chris #notcool.’

Other’s wrote ‘Too soon. Shame on you, Rock.’,  ‘Way too soon for this’ and ‘this tweet truly disappointed me. Bless your heart Chris.’

As for me I’d like to add, right on the money Chris, right on the money.

What’s next for Lamar Odom?  Will he wake up one day and discover he’s “transgender”?  After all, he’s 35 and about burned out in the NBA.  If he takes after the “other” Kardashian – Bruce Jenner – maybe he could extend his career in the WNBA.

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