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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Terrifying Moment Kidnapper Tries to Drag Screaming Teen into His Car


A 17-year-old girl was on her way to high school in Stockton, California when she was grabbed by an assailant who attempted to throw her in his car and kidnap her.

Here’s what saved her life.

She fought back and screamed her lungs out. The car speeding past the camera at the end of the video was the the attacker making his get away.

Stockton is one of the most dangerous cities in the nation thanks to California Democrats and their public employee union buddies who spent the city into bankruptcy several years ago. Violent crime has skyrocketed because everybody who could found a way to get out of the city. It’s Detroit on a smaller scale .

Stockton Public Information Officer Joe Silva said the girl’s reaction after the man grabbed her and attempted to put her in his car might have saved her life, according to Fox 40.

Silva said: ‘Our victim did exactly what you are supposed to do.

‘Make a lot of noise and fight off your assailant.’

Good advice from Officer Silva. If this girl hadn’t fought back she’d likely just be another rape/murder statistic for Stockton.


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