Can’t Believe Susan Rice is Not Blaming A YouTube Video

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There’s probably a bigger dupe somewhere than Susan Rice, but I’m not sorting through billions of people to find her. Susan Rice is the poster girl for the Democrats’ War on Women. Every time they need somebody to run out and say something certifiably stupid and do it with a straight face, they call Susan. Not Josh, not Joe, not even John Kerry. Nope, Susan.

Remember The Video!!

The only thing I’m shocked about right now is that Obama hasn’t trotted her out to blame ISIS and the problems in Syria on that darn video.

And then there was the “heroic” Sergeant who the Obama administration rescued from Islamic Freedom Fighters (remember, there are no “terrorists”) …

“Honor and distinction…” That may be the biggest “hey veterans f*ck you” statement since John Kerry’s “Gengis Khan” ramblings. And it’s a fitting statement from the Obama administration.

Which brings us to today

Joining an Obama administration message push ahead of a major climate conference later this fall, Rice called rising global temperatures “a direct threat to the prosperity and safety of the American people.” Rice cited the drought in California and massive flooding in South Carolina as recent extreme weather events spurred by higher temperatures.

“We face no greater long-term challenge than climate change, an advancing menace that imperils so many of the other things we hope to achieve,” Rice said in the speech in Palo Alto, California.

Rice added that shifting weather is already affecting American troops and equipment. Some military training exercises in the western United States were canceled because of extreme heat, Rice said, adding that rougher seas and higher temperatures would test military hardware.

Blah, blah, blah …

There must be a video around she could blame this problem on, but she’s not found it yet. But there may be a scapegoat! It’s the 1980s foreign policy and …


… Ronald Reagan!

She did marvel that when she was at Stanford in the 1980s, Washington paid little attention to global warming and “had one overarching concern: the Soviet Union.”


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