Caitlyn Jenner – Glamour’s “Woman of the Year”… What?

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Does being born a man and having a sex change make you a woman? How about ‘Woman of the Year? Glamour Magazine seems to think so. Or it looks like they will soon.


The magazine is expected to formally announce its choice of Caitlyn Jenner as woman of the year, along with actress Reese Witherspoon, on November 3.

Criticisms are already piling up from women who find the choice of Jenner to be demeaning, and are falling into two main camps. First, out of all the real women in the world, could Glamour not find one worthy of the title of Woman of the Year without needing to fish in the male pool of boys dressing as girls?

Here’s some great criticism found on Reddit on the topic: 

  • nah, all she had to do was show some cleavage and look vulnerable.
  • TIL that the woman of the year is a senior citizen that spent the vast majority of her life not being a woman
  • Dont forget, shes also against gay marriage. Shes “traditional”.
  • Also don’t forget that “winning” woman of the year was awarded by some nonsense glamour magazine that needed some hot button thing to get clicks and sell magazines.
  • Ignorant, uneducated, irrational groups of people are why this thing has become a “thing” to begin with.
  • How the fu** can you be trans and against gay marriage?
  • Mental gymnastics.
  • People are fu**in’ weird.
  • She’s a trans woman, arguably homosexual, who is against gay marriage? My head is exploding.
  • Seriously, there is NO END to how crazy this can get
  • So… What is her opinion on herself? She identifies as a woman and says that she has always felt like a woman in a man’s body. So was his prior marriage a gay marriage?
  • She’s basically Mr. Garrison, when he had a sex change.
  • ‘I’m a Wuh-mann’
  • What? Seriously???If that’s true, I have no words.
  • I know, this made me laugh so hard when i heard about this
  • So is Caitlyn Jenner gay or was Bruce jenner gay?
  • What? Seriously? I would have thought the complete opposite. Thats so weird and fascinating…
  • Another trans person here who agrees with you. She’s an entitled bitch and quite frankly, a terrible person. The only reason she’s getting all this attention is because she’s transgender, which is currently deemed “trendy” by the media, and happens to be in the spotlight with her transition currently.
  • Trendsgender.
  • Trendsjenner
  • Quick question does that mean you were a man and are now a woman, or were a woman and now a man?
  • Ohmigawd, so much this. I thought Bruce Jenner was a loathsome human being
  • Caitlyn Jenner is 100% fake, and risked absolutely nothing by transitioning
  • Ok, she won woman of the year. But it was from some nonsense glamour magazine that was just trying to get clicks.
  • It’s not like she won a legitimate thing, she won a lame magazine tabloid endorsement
  • You know who shouldve won? Kristen beck. Navy seal now trans woman. Theres a real woman
  • Welcome to America, BUCKLE UP BUCKAROO!

On that note, if we are voting on this topic….here’s my vote:




Written by Nancy Hayes

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Bruce Jenner winning woman of the year just proves that men are better than women at everything, including being a woman from Jokes





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