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Kevin McCarthy, the #2 person in the Republican House Leadership, has taken himself off the list in the competition for Speaker of the House. House Republicans are reportedly “in a panic” about John Boehner’s replacement.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy called off his bid to be the next House speaker Thursday, and the GOP canceled its internal party as it hit the panic button, stumbling toward an end-of-month deadline without a leader in sight.

Mr. McCarthy had been the clear front-runner and likely had support of a majority of House Republicans, but could not win over enough members to claim the 218 votes he’d need to win the position in an Oct. 29 vote on the full House floor.

McCarthy was the front runner until he stepped on a land mine and indicated that the Benghazi Committee chaired by Trey Gowdy was a set-up to hurt Hillary Clinton. I’m sure somebody in the House – likely a Black Caucus Member – has said something more stupid, but it’s hard to imagine at the moment.

He had the full support of Boehner who was reported to be pulling strings to make sure McCarthy followed him as Speaker. The fight is now on.

There’s one thing certain, the next Speaker will be a whole lot more conservative than our last Speaker or McCarthy.  Tell us who YOU think should be the next Speaker and why.

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