Boy Scout Training Saves Man’s Life in Flood: Shocked Newscasters Get Live Call-in You Won’t Believe [VIDEO]

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A man in Austin, Texas was rescued after spending four hours in a tree Friday after his car was swept away by flooding near Onion Creek.

Kerry Packer not only shot video of his car being carried along in the flooding, he amazingly escaped, crediting his Boy Scout training for saving his life, then keeping him alive in a tree while awaiting rescue.

… Then it got weird: Hat tip / KING 5 News


Shocked broadcasters at KVUE actually interviewed Kerry Packer, the man stranded in a tree when he called into the station LIVE .

The on-air personalities had no idea he was still in the tree!


(Of course I can say that now that I know the guy is okay)

But it might have been waaaay worse – look at his SUV:


Halloween eve was anything but quiet across the Austin area. Strong thunderstorms started moving into the area and quickly became severe dropping heavy rain and spawning tornadoes in the area.

If you happened to be watching the news – this was probably the weirdest call-in these folks will ever get:

His wife Cecelia Packer (apparently Sicillian – although I don’t know what that might have to do with it) shared the video footage of the car being swept away, but was smart enough to exit the car, while the brave former Boy Scout stuck with it until all he could do is climb a tree and call-into the TV station with his update.

Although it was freezing cold, he must have found two sticks to rub together…

And people want to get rid of The Boy Scouts? That’s nuts!!

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