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“BlackFightsMatter” Breaks out at Trump Rally: Trump Does This!


The #BlackLivesMatter morons have been showing up everywhere.

At Hillary and Bernie events they get face time with the candidate or they take over the event.

Show up at a Donald Trump event and they get punched out and mocked.

It didn’t go well for the anti-Trump, anti-America troublemakers.

… pro-illegal protesters started shouting “Down with Trump”. Trump supporters in the crowd shouted down the radicals, chanting “We Want Trump” in unison.

Later, however, things got out of hand, as one Latino protester with a profane t-shirt insulting Trump started yelling profanities at the candidate and engaging in shoving matches with supporters (below)


Then Black Lives Matter activists started some “small fights” with Trump supporters that apparently “escalated,” with Trump supporters taking activists to the ground and holding them for police.

Photos posted to twitter by reporters at the rally, which was held at a large hall on the grounds of Richmond International Raceway, show uniformed Virginia State Police officers manhandling and electing several protesters. Other photos show ‘in your face’ verbal clashes between the protesters and Trump supporters.

Trump had vowed to fight off any troublemakers who tried to take over his podium as they did to Bernie Sanders in Seattle.

It’s doubtful that any of these bums will ever get to the stage and Trump’s security won’t have to get their hands dirty. The supporters will take care of things very nicely, thank you.

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