Black Group in Ferguson Claims System Is Unfair Because More Whites Vote Than Blacks: I’m Not Making This Up

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The Stupid Season is back. And it’s still alive and thriving in Ferguson, MO. Bottom line, the “system” is unfair and we’re all victims. At least there wasn’t a call for reparations.

Apparently, according to the latest in a line of federal lawsuits, it’s too hard to vote in Ferguson. That’s why 77% of the population of the city is black and only one of the school board members is black. Actually, there are two now, one was appointed last year.

The problem is that the elections are held in an off month when nothing else is on the ballot so people apparently don’t have an incentive to vote. The elections are also held district-wide with no “majority-minority” carve-outs to insure black school board members.

In other words, these folks want the same system that brought us the Congressional Black Caucus. Think about having somebody even dumber than Sheila Jackson Lee on a school board.

But in their own filing, lawyers for the school district note that African-Americans now make up a slight majority of the district’s voting-age population, meaning an at-large system should work in blacks’ favor, not against them.

The reason it doesn’t is that white turnout is consistently higher than black turnout for school board elections. But the plaintiffs say this, too, is a result of discriminatory election rules, like holding the elections in April with no other contests on the ballot—an arrangement that consistently leads to lower turnout among more marginalized voters.

Oh, could it be that the problem is that blacks don’t show up to vote? Not according to the same people who brought you this:


Answers? Here ya go: Michael Brown was a thug and your community is safer and better off with him dead. Next question?

The community organizers’ position is that “decades of systemic, political, economic, and housing discrimination on racial lines in the St. Louis region” is the problem. The solution, well probably, more federal money and more federal intervention in housing. For starters, here’s what Ferguson’s community organizers are passing off as “proof” the system is rigged.

Black students appear to be faring poorly under the current school board. Though they make up 77% of the district’s students, they were just 35% of those enrolled in the district’s Gifted and Talented program …


I guess there’s no chance that broken homes, resentment against top performing students by the black community, and a tribal mentality might have something to do with those numbers. Nope, it’s racism.


Yep, it’s the Stupid Season.

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