Biden to Announce Getting Ass Kicked in ’16 Election Within 48 Hours

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Joe Biden says someone must have a passion to run for Presidentand he’s not sure if he has it quite yet.

But CNN says Biden’s associates are setting up interviews for staff positions in Iowa and New Hampshire on a 2016 Biden presidential campaign.

Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle tweeted this morning that he has a source who says Biden will run for presidentand is confident that the information is accurate. Biden said, and I quote; “I am not afraid to lose.” in light of his competition.



Biden has described himself as torn since the May death of his son Beau Biden, the Delaware attorney general and ascending political star. Beau Biden reportedly urged his father to run for president — a push that has weighed on the vice president’s mind, even as he and his family grieve.

The earliest filing deadlines to enter states’ primaries come at the end of October, imposing a deadline that could force Biden to make a decision or risk losing delegates he would need if locked in a close battle with Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he didn’t know when Biden will make or announce his decision.

“The the laws of physics will require that this be a decision that will be announced relatively soon, since the date of these contests is coming up,” Earnest told reporters during his Monday briefing. “But for the precise date, that’s something only the vice president knows.”

Lou Dobbs said the speculation is reaching a fever pitch in the Democratic party, as vice President Biden is apparently struggling to decide whether to jump into the Democratic race for his party’s presidential nomination.

Could it be that the Democratic race is about to get a lot more interesting? Three sources tell Fox News White House Correspondent Ed Henry that Vice President Biden has decided to run, that he will enter the race. But, there is no indication as to when Biden will kick off his candidacy


5 Other Presidential Teases That Fell Flat

The never-ending “will he run?” media narratives have gotten a lot of hopes up in the past with other potential candidates. Here are some of most notable presidential campaign teases that fell flat:

1) Chuck Hagel, 2007

Image Credit: Eric Francis/Getty Images

Image Credit: Eric Francis/Getty Images

Chuck Hagel, then a U.S. Senator from Nebraska, teased a bid for the Republican nomination in hopes of becoming the successor to President George W. Bush.

In March of 2007, Hagel gave a rousing speech at the University of Nebraska, where he touted his record and pledged action. He even mentioned his potential future announcement for President:

“In making this announcement, I believe there will still be political options open to me at a later date. But that will depend on the people of Nebraska and this country. I cannot control that and I do not worry about it.”

Hagel ultimately opted-out of pursuing a presidential run several months later, in the fall of 2007. He went on to serve as President Obama’s Secretary of Defense.

2) Mike Huckabee, 2011

Image Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Image Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is vying for the GOP nomination in 2016, the same as he did in 2008. Back in 2012, when President Obama was running as an incumbent, however, Huckabee avoided the challenge.

Amid speculation of a 2012 White House bid, Huckabee decided to keep his weekend talk show on Fox News, where he rhymed:

“All the factors say go, but my heart says no.”

As if teasing the run for months was not enough, Huckabee chose the very end of his show to make the announcement. He made the audience sit through a jam-session with Ted Nugent and an interview with Mario Lopez of “Saved by the Bell” fame first.

3) Donald Trump, 2011

Image Credit: David Becker/Getty Images

Image Credit: David Becker/Getty Images

Trump teased a run in 2012, hinting he might go for the GOP nomination after engaging in a series of speeches to Republican-aligned groups.

In May of 2011, Trump stopped his courting of Republicans short of an actual run, issuing a statement of confidence:

“After considerable deliberation and reflection, I have decided not to pursue the office of the presidency… I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and, ultimately, the general election.”

Trump also expressed an interest in the 2008 election.

Four years later, Trump finally jumped in the race. In June, he announcedhis candidacy with the pledge to “make America great again.” It is working fairly well for him, as he has led the polls for months.

4) John Bolton, 2015

Image Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Image Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

John Bolton, a former Ambassador to the United Nations during the Bush administration, teased a presidential run earlier this year. He “began considering a run” in 2013 and ultimately, declined in May of 2015.

During his announcement, Bolton said he was “certainly not going to sit this election out,” adding:

“I’m also going to focus on the 2016 presidential race, to make certain that foreign policy is critical to winning the nomination.”

5) Mario Cuomo, 1988

After an iconic speech at the 1984 Democratic National Convention, New York Governor Mario Cuomo became a highly sought-after candidate to challenge George H.W. Bush as the successor to Ronald Reagan.

But Cuomo eventually decided not to run for the Democratic nomination. His son Andrew — who followed in his footsteps to become governor of New York — said of his father’s decision:

“This was not the pitch to swing at.”

Mario Cuomo passed away in January of 2015, nearly three decades after his prospective presidential run.


Good luck Uncle Joe, you’re not afraid to lose, and that’s good.

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