Ben Carson: Yes, I am a Christian

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I’m not a particular fan of the idea of Ben Carson being President, but I do think he’s a wonderful man. Yesterday he proved that again on his facebook page with this.


Note the hashtag, #IamaChristian.

Carson came up with this after reports that the shooter at the Oregon Community College asked people if they were Christians and then murdered the ones who said, “Yes.”

Carson also stirred the pot with his comments on Islam and Muslims. You’ll recall that he said a Muslim shouldn’t be President if they believe in Sharia Law. That caused a firestorm of criticism from people like the terrorist funding organization Council on American Islamic Relations. The demanded that Carson stop his campaign.

I was pleased to see that Ben didn’t back down .


You can follow the above link to sign the petition.

Good work Ben, it was a good way to close out the week.



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