Believe Obama Thinks White Cops Are Racist? Barack Would Agree With You

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Back during the 2008 campaign Barack Obama went out of his way to talk to blacks about black behavior and the responsibility for problems in the black community. Those days are long over.

In a recent interview with Black Entertainment, Obama had this to say.

Obama offered some basic comments about hearing young activists talk about their personal experiences of “having been stopped for no reason or having generated suspicion because they were in a community where they supposedly didn’t belong.” He said the conversations reminded him of his own experiences as a young man … and he said it was “personal” for him.

He was talking about the death of Eric Garner, a Staten Island black man who had been arrested eight times on the same street corner for selling individual cigarettes. The last time, he decided to resist arrest and ended up dead. The “black community” was outraged because no police were charged with his death.


Obama rambled on about black complaints about their interactions with police, summing it up this way.

Obama essentially says, ‘Take it from me (and the video); black people aren’t just making this up.’

Ummm, yes they are Mr. President, and yes you are. Your comments about punks like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are right on that point. Your heart lies with punks who happen to be black and you don’t give a damn about the people they hurt, who, by the way, are mostly black.


The communities where Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown lived are much better off without them.

There’s no question that somebody is a racist in this equation. I just happen to think it’s not the cops.

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