Bad Guy With a Gun Meets Good Guy With A Waffle … and a Gun

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A good guy with a gun saved the day in Charleston, SC over the weekend when a bad guy with a gun showed up at a local Waffle House and ordered cash instead of loaded hash browns. What the bad guy didn’t count on was was another customer who was a CCW permit holder waiting outside the restaurant.

Kenneth Rivers was sitting in his car waiting on some food at a North Charleston Waffle House early Saturday when he saw a young man approach the building with a gun in his hand and a hoodie tied tight, according to 911 calls released Monday. He was on the phone with his brother as the restaurant was being robbed and some of the employees ran out the front door.

The call dropped just before he confronted the assailant and the two exchanged gunfire near the front entrance of the eatery at 6907 Dorchester Road.

Joshua Jermaine Davis, 19, of Gordon Street in Charleston was fatally shot around 4:30 a.m. while leaving the Waffle House holding the cash drawer, according to a North Charleston Police Department incident report.

Good shooting Mr. Rivers, a job well done. Here’s the 911 call.

Response time is the key. If it hadn’t been for Mr. Rivers, Davis would have escaped with his haul and lived to rob – and probably murder – another day. As it is, Charleston is a safer city because Mr. Rivers had his weapon with him and used it.

The police weren’t called until Davis was in the parking lot and they didn’t show up, even knowing that shots had been fired, for over five minutes. The cops can’t be everywhere all the time, and they carry guns to defend themselves, not you.

North Charleston police are not filing charges against Kenneth Rivers, and noted his weapons permit. Rivers declined to comment Monday.

Capt. Scott Perry said the proper way to handle a robbery is “entirely situational.”

Capt. Perry, it may be “entirely situational,” but if Mr. Rivers hadn’t been there and been armed you’d still have a dangerous armed robber on the street of your city.

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