Back to School With Hillary!

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Hillary is making tours of college campuses. It’s not like she needs to make a case for their votes, although Bernie Sanders is polling better with college kids than Hillary.

The interesting part of her “tour” is watching how college administrators and faculty – and Clinton’s supporters – bully the few campus conservatives who dare to show up and protest at her rallies.

Remember when this was popular among the Left?


George W. Bush was President then. This is now.


Things change so quickly when you’re Progressive with no foundation.

Today we have a writer who happens to be a conservative and who’s been following Hillary around campus.

It’s not even 2016 yet, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made two publicized stops at southern Florida colleges to seduce millennials — one in August at Florida International University and one last week at Broward College.

In both cases, students who showed up to exercise their First Amendment rights were treated poorly by campus security, police, and, in particular, by Clinton supporters.

I’m a conservative millennial living in a liberal city. My goal is this: use demonstrations to make sure that each and every time Clinton sets foot on a college campus in south Florida, she will see that some people, the very demographic she has pandered and talked down to for far too long, don’t all march lockstep with the Democratic Party.

Good luck with that. Left does not tolerate dissent.

As first reported by Campus Reform, FIU police told anti-Hillary students they would be subject to arrest if they did not move away from the building where the Clinton rally was held. The students were to move to the “free assembly area,” but according to FIU policies and procedures, there are no free-assembly areas near that part of campus.

I don’t know about FIU, but many colleges today have small, isolated, “free speech areas” where students can voice dissent to … nobody, because it’s usually far, far away from any student traffic.

Wouldn’t want the snowflakes to be uncomfortable.

At Broward College, campus security told student demonstrators to clear the area. When we refused, Clinton supporters lobbed nasty insults — and some plain lunacy — at our small band of conservatives.

One man tried to jump the barricade, but it’s unclear what his intentions were. He did not make it over. A particularly unpleasant retiree yelled passionately at the top of her lungs “Take your signs and burn them — burn them — you teeny tots! Teeny teeny tots!” A third, older man demanded of the group of young people, “How much are you getting paid, who is paying you, who made those signs?”

He then proceeded to lecture the students that “the free market is not going to do anything for you.” Another female screamed: “Go back to the Dark Ages! How could you be a woman?”

And on and on. Your tax dollars pay for this silliness at your state universities. And they won’t even say thank you.

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