Baby Owl Dancing To “Monster Mash” With a Fake Owl Takes Over Halloween [video]

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t get into the blood, guts and gore of Halloween. I do however, like the cute, fun and entertaining things like Oakley, the dancing owl.


Meet Oakley, a young great horned owl who just wants to dance the night away.

Now usually, those dancing teddies people buy other people they hate for Christmas bring the world no entertainment value whatsoever. But partner them with a funky bird and you’ve got a double act fit for Vegas.

The video shows Oakley throwing serious shapes to the 1962 novelty hit, ‘Monster Mash’. Because ‘hoot-hoot’ is so yesterday, and Halloween is just around the corner.

What a “hoot” right? But seriously… Oakley was a baby owl, 5-6 weeks old, rescued after a storm by Ken Lockwood. Ken owns a nonprofit rescue center for birds the Eagle Valley Raptor Center. Oakley’s furry animal buddy was used for companionship and security in the rehab process. Ken trained Oakley to hunt and released him back into the wild or natural environment after 2 months.

All’s I have to say is “Happy Haunting” Oakley!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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This Baby Owl Dancing To “Monster Mash” With a Fake Owl Has Just Won Halloween









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